Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pat Colander Book Signing

Olde Town Ale House

Roger Ebert once called the Old Town Ale House "the best bar in the world that I know about". The Ale House is also the setting for one of the true tales in Pat Colander's Hugh Hefner's Last Funeral and Other True Tales of Love and Death in Chicago. In this classic bar some 30 years ago, a regular customer talked openly about a certain type of poison that would mysteriously turn up in Tylenol bottles shortly thereafter.

Naturally, this is the perfect setting for Pat Colander to stage a release party for the book that tells that tale.

Here are the details of the party...

Date: Sunday, November 22nd
Time: Noon to 3pm (Don't worry, the Bears will be on TV if you want to watch)
Address: 219 W. North Avenue in Chicago

The details of the story are in the book. And of course, the book will be there for sale, and Pat will be there to sign it.

Come for the book and stay for the atmosphere, or come for the amosphere and stay for the book. Both are well worth your while.

Plus, it's an Ale House. That means your humble Eckhartz Press co-founders Rick and Dave will be there too. I will buy a drink for the first ten people who buy Pat's book and sing the first verse of "Bear Down Chicago Bears" for me.