Thursday, December 03, 2015

As the Sumner Turns

The shareholders of Viacom and CBS may not actually care about Sumner Redstone personally (they don't), but they do care if his health affects their money. Yesterday Viacom's second biggest shareholder called for more disclosure about Redstone's health. The Hollywood Reporter has the story. The article also goes a little deeper into the claims Sumner's former "romantic interest" made in court last week. I'll warn you before you read the blurb can't unread this.

Among Herzer's claims is that Redstone is "fixated on sex" and "obsessed with eating steak." Also, he is so feeble that he "must be carried around the house, to and from the bathroom, and in and out of bed."

The alleged sex-starved steak-craving invalid mentioned above is in his 90s.

If you've ever wondered what people who spent their entire lives thinking only about three things (money, money, money) think about when their brains begin to go (allegedly) and they find themselves surrounded by employees because nobody loves them, now you know: "Get me a woman, a steak, and a diaper--pronto!"

Again, if you think I'm being too harsh, I encourage you to read Sumner's autobiography. You'll never encounter a more unlikable creature...and that's his sanitized version of himself...published by his own publishing company (Simon & Schuster). Imagine what the real guy is/was like.