Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Super Caleb Update

My 2-year-old nephew is going through cancer treatments, and yesterday was a big day in his recovery. It was the actual surgery to remove the tumors. His mother Stacy posted this update on Facebook last night...

So surgery went well they got the little bit that was there and said the rest would turn into regular nerves (it's conufusing I know) anyway I asked the doctor if she was proud of herself and she said she was proud of him and how well everything went anyway, he's in the picu which is icu for a few days just to watch however the doctors said it went perfect so yay for no more tumors! 1 more round of chemo than the big migb scan to see if the cancer is anywhere else and still in his bones before stem cell.. This boy is amazing and I am so so so so so grateful! Xoxo to all of team Caleb and thanks for keeping me on,my feet today!

It was Stacy's birthday...not the best way to spend a birthday, but the news of the successful (7-hour!) surgery must have felt like a birthday present. Way to go, Super Caleb...

(A reprise of my Super Caleb poem is below...)


Our hero Super Caleb, awakens in a haze,
Trapped on planet Mayo-naise,
Where the bad Sea monster stays,
And makes people sad all day

Super Caleb knows that he just has to get away,
Remove the tubes and tape,
So he can reach his super cape,
And make his brave escape

He is Super Caleb,
You should see our hero fly,
He turns the Mayo people’s, sad faces into smiles,
He is Super Caleb,
And he’ll show you in a while.

The bad sea monster doesn’t know, that Caleb has some friends,
Who can give him strength again,
And he better look out when,
Super Caleb flies again.

As Super Caleb sleeps, his friend in the white coat,
Sails through the sea monster’s moat,
In a very quiet boat,
And he’s bringing Caleb hope.

He is Super Caleb!
And he makes sad people smile,
The sea monster can’t keep the people sad when Caleb flies,
He is Super Caleb!
And he’ll be here in a while.

Super Caleb opens up his eyes after a rest,
Looks down upon his chest,
Tubes are gone and he is dressed,
He knows how to do the rest.

He is Super Caleb!
And it’s time to watch him fly,
When they see him all sad people, cannot help but smile,
He is Super Caleb!
And he’s gonna win this time.