Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Lisa and Ray

Last night Ray Stevens posted this on Facebook about his buddy (and US-99 co-host) Lisa Dent, who is in Nashville getting recognized as an inductee in the Country Radio Hall of Fame...

"To be nominated for the country music Hall of fame is unreal, but when they send you the paper work and you don't fill it out you don't get inducted (Me). My pal Lisa Dent did, and she's in. This article was done by another longtime friend Rick Kaempfer. It sums up the day Lisa got the news. I was told to wait and management would tell her later that day. This is a woman who has shared my highest highs and lowest lows. When you're doing radio with a partner, it's that person you live and die with, not the suits. This read sums up the day Lisa got the news. Needless to say she got the news from me over her favorite dirty martini."

Thanks Ray, and congrats to Lisa!