Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some Media Love for "Monkey in the Middle"

Thanks so much to Tom Taylor's NOW Newsletter for this nice mention of our latest book "Monkey in the Middle" by Dobie Maxwell....

“When Dobie Maxwell entered the GM’s office, there were FBI agents waiting for him” – Rick Kaempfer says the feds wanted to question Dobie about a bank robbery. Longtime radio pro Kaempfer’s at Chicago-based Eckhartz Press, which has just published Dobie’s memoir, “Monkey In the Middle.” Here’s more about Dobie’s predicament – “He was born in Milwaukee, to a biker father and a drug-abusing mother. He was raised by his paternal grandparents and it was there, in his grandparents’ neighborhood, that Dobie befriended another societal misfit. Years later as Dobie pursued his dream as a professional comedian and radio personality, that friend robbed a local bank. He used Dobie as his unknowing getaway driver as they took a cross-country trip to Las Vegas in a rental car in Dobie’s name. Two years later, the same friend robbed the same bank again. This time he did it disguised as a Gorilla Gram - a robbery so audacious it made all the local TV news programs. Who would have done such a thing? Law enforcement thought it just might be the work of a comedian, and all trails led to Dobie.” At that point, Dobie was doing radio in Reno, and Rick says “Dobie had to make the excruciating choice of either testifying against his life-long friend in court, or going to prison for crimes he did not commit.” Maxwell’s spent 20 years in radio as a morning personality/sidekick in Milwaukee, Salt Lake and Chicago at “Loop” WLUP, where Rick met him. So there’s a lot of radio in “Monkey In The Middle.”