Friday, February 26, 2016

The Supreme Court

I think agree with every word in this New Yorker piece about Antonin Scalia, written by Jeffrey Toobin.

And David Brooks (a Republican) has a great piece in today's New York Times about how we got to this point in history. This paragraph is such a "duh" observation, but is somehow being said almost nowhere in the media...

We’re now at a point where the Senate says it won’t even hold hearings on a presidential Supreme Court nominee, in clear defiance of custom and the Constitution. We’re now at a point in which politicians live in fear if they try to compromise and legislate. We’re now at a point in which normal political conversation has broken down. People feel unheard, which makes them shout even louder, which further destroys conversation.

So true, David. But nobody's listening.

This used to be considered a comedy...