Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ohio Getting Overrun by Cicadas

This is not your ordinary Cicada infestation...it's the one that happens every 17 years. Here's my favorite part of the article from the Columbus Dispatch...

That hum you hear the cicadas singing? It’s the males trying to attract a mate.The female reply is a wing flick that sounds a little like a muted finger-snap. Once the male cicada gets the go-ahead, he flits over to the female. Copulation can last from 30 minutes to 50 hours, depending on the weather, Cooley said. The longest recorded cicada mating session lasted three full days.

50 hours of mating. Who do these cicadas think they are; Sting?

I ate a cicada once, when I was Steve & Garry's producer. (They made me). Even though it was chocolate covered, it still tasted like crunchy vomit.