Thursday, June 02, 2016

Vice News

HBO is converting their excellent Vice series into a nightly show in the fall. In order to do that, they had to hire quite a few people. Real journalists scoring exciting new gigs. From Adweek, here's the list so far...

Madeleine Haeringer, Executive Producer
Neil Breakwell, London Bureau Chief
Ryan McCarthy, Editor in Chief,
Justin Dial, Supervising Producer
Christina Vallice, Supervising Producer
Jessica Weisberg, Supervising Producer
Ruben Davis, Senior Producer, Climate
Javier Guzman, Senior Producer, U.S.
Melissa Maerz, Senior Producer, Culture
Craig Thomson, Senior Planning Producer
Roberto Ferdman, Economics Correspondent
Nellie Bowles, Tech Correspondent/Head of San Francisco Bureau
Ravi Somaiya, Tech Correspondent
Scott Conroy, Producer, Politics and Policy
Ben Craw, Video Producer
Jamal Jordon, Digital Video Producer
Jon Strauss, Shooter/Producer
Kenton Powell, Director of Graphics
Michael Deal, Lead, Interactive Graphics
Lucy Paynter, Real Time Graphics Art Director
Kris Cave, Graphics Producer
Dan Fletcher, Head of Social
Maia Lepine, VICE News Coordinator