Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Do Not Pass Pokemon Go, Do Not Collect $200

My Twitter feed exploded over the past two days with discussions about Pokemon Go. It was everywhere. According to this piece, over 7.5 million have downloaded the app in the last week. I went into my son Sean's room to ask him about it, and he was already playing the game. He was about to go for a walk around the neighborhood to see what kind of Pokemon he could find.

I said: "How about you go to the grocery store with me? Could be some Pokemon there."

He agreed.

At the grocery store, there were about a dozen parents there with their kids, and they all had their phones looking for Pokemon (I kid you not). There were three Pokemon in the store, by the way.

I can't remember the last time something exploded like this in such a short time.

If you're late to the game, this article explains it. If you're playing it already, this article has some tips.