Friday, July 15, 2016

Not Trustworthy

Something like 55% of America doesn't think that Hillary is trustworthy, which is the #1 reason people do not support her. Of course, if they vote for the other guy, they end up supporting someone who is demonstrably provably less trustworthy, which is a little ironic. From this morning's Washington Post fact checker...

Here’s the tally so far. Three Pinocchios could be viewed as mostly false, Two Pinocchios as half-true, One Pinocchio as mostly true and the rarely given Geppetto as completely true.

Trump (52 rated claims)

Four Pinocchios: 33 (63 percent)

Three Pinocchios: 11 (21 percent)

Two Pinocchios: 5 (10 percent)

One Pinocchio: 1 (2 percent)

Geppetto Checkmark: 2 (4 percent).

Clinton (35 rated claims)

Four Pinocchios: 5 (14 percent)

Three Pinocchios: 13 (36 percent)

Two Pinocchios: 11 (30.5 percent)

One Pinocchio: 2 (5.5 percent)

Geppetto Checkmark: 5 (14 percent)

As you see, the ratio of Trump’s Four-Pinocchios ratings is sky-high. In fact, nearly 85 percent of Trump’s claims that we vetted were false or mostly false. A line graph of Trump’s numbers would show a very steep sky jump. By contrast, Clinton has a bell curve of a typical politician. The number of false claims equals the number of true claims, while her other claims fall mostly somewhere in the middle.

They both clearly lie. One is just worse.

The other thing that I hear is that she has proven to be a failure because of her decisions regarding Iraq, Syria, and Libya, and of course, Benghazi. I'm not going to address Benghazi because nine Congressional studies already have, and none of them found that Hillary was to blame for that. But ask yourself this question, if you feel she has disqualified herself by making mistakes in this realm, do you honestly believe that Trump will be better at foreign policy? The kill-their-families guy? The steal-all-their-oil guy? The ban-an-entire-religion guy?

I'm not a Hillary fan.

But to me, this is the easiest choice of all-time.