Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Chobani Yogurt Company Sues Right-Wing Radio Host Alex Jones

Remember now, he has admitted to being a performance artist, not a truth teller. Nevertheless, you can't say stuff like this...

The complaint says InfoWars released a video on April 11 describing Chobani's practice of hiring refugees and a sexual assault case that did not involve the yogurt company. During the video, an Info Wars reporter republished statements that claimed the Chobani plant brought crime and tuberculosis since it opened the plant five years ago while also pointing out previous reports of its willingness to hire refugees in Twin Falls.

This is very reminiscent of the phony "sex-ring-in-a-Washington-pizza-parlor" story they made up during the election. There was no sexual assault. There was no tuberculosis. They employed some refugees and nothing bad happened.

Chobani is a big company and has the deep pockets to sue. Those Sandy Hook families (Alex Jones/Infowars claimed it was a staged event) are not in the same position.