Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WBBM Wins AP Broadcast Awards

Congrats to the team at WBBM-AM Newsradio 780. They brought home a few of the big awards handed out this week at the Illinois Associated Press Broadcast Awards...

WBBM received Illinois AP’s first place “Best Spot News Coverage” award for “The Rally that Never Was,” highlighting Steve Miller, Bob Roberts, Rob Hart, Lisa Fielding, Geoff Dankert and the retired Don Schuble from the WBBM staff.

The station also received Illinois AP’s first place “Best Newscast” award for the 7 p.m. newscast, on March 11, 2016 highlighting Cisco Cotto, Geoff Dankert, Bob Roberts, Steve Miller, Rob Hart, George Ofman, Bernie Tafoya, Paula Fagan, Frank Strait, Jeff Bellinger, Brad Robinson, Ken Kosek, Susan Glick, and Brian Callahan from the WBBM staff.

Individual awards were also presented. WBBM’s Lisa Fielding received the “Best Series” award for her Generation Heroin series; and WBBM’s Rick Gregg received the “Best Sports Report” award for The Ballad of James Shields.

I've previously interviewed a few of them (Bernie Tafoya, Rob Hart, Cisco Cotto) and Geoff Dankert is in my Cubs season-ticket pool. Happy for all of them. They are true pros.