Thursday, May 18, 2017

Must Have Been Super Hungry

This isn't a headline you see every day. From the Daily Beast: Woman Allegedly Stole $15,000 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies

“She has never paid for any of them and, anyone who has tried to contact her about them, has not been able to contact her,” Bartley said. "The case was a little confusing because she may have picked up cookies for other groups. The ones that she did pick up, at least for her own troop, were never sold by the troop. She picked up the cookies and never took them to them, so we don’t know what she did with them.”

Apparently Vick has multiple addresses, and now both her and the cookies could be anywhere. The state trooper is now trying to track down the cookie thief and the missing treats.

I picture her in a treehouse with chocolate all over her face. But then again, that may be why I'm not a police detective.