Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is There A Big Story?

Depends on your point of view. Real newspapers and real television networks reported the blockbuster news about Comey's memo. And then there was Fox News...

The Clinton Foundation. This is a real news organization (so called) presenting this during prime time on a day when the current president of the United States was revealed trying to squash an FBI investigation.

Seriously, they were also spending time redredging up the Vince Foster story, because they are exploring a conspiracy theory that a DNC member who was killed in the fall was the actual source to Wikileaks, not the Russians, despite all 17 intelligence agencies saying it definitely was the Russians.

This is one of those stories that requires you to believe that a dedicated Hillary loyalist (and I know for a fact he was--I'm friends with his best friend) leaked to Wikileaks to damage the boss (for reasons unknown). So naturally Hillary responded the way she always does--she had him killed--just like she had Vince Foster killed twenty some years ago. Dear God. How does she have time after conducting that child sex ring in the Pizza restaurant basement (another story actually reported as news by the right wing press)

They absolutely know they are peddling bullshit, but it doesn't stop them from peddling. This is the definition of fake news, and it's the real reason that Trump's approval rate among Republicans remains around 80%.