Thursday, May 18, 2017

This is going to end in a lawsuit

I wrote about this briefly yesterday, but the New York Daily News has more information about it today.

Have you heard the name Seth Rich? He was a DNC staffer who was murdered last year. It's a tragic story. I know one of his good friends and we talked about the case at length. At the time we talked, a few weeks after his murder, there were beginning to be rumblings from the nutbag conspiracy types on the right intimating the murder had been ordered by Hillary Clinton. My friend said Seth would have gotten a kick out of that--because he was a devoted Hillary supporter who privately mocked the nutjob right wing conspiracy types. He worked at the DNC for cryin' out loud.

Well since then, it has become less funny. Fox News, an alleged legitimate news channel, has been airing unsubstantiated stories about this on President Trump's two favorite shows--Fox & Friends and Hannity. Based on a very shady private investigator (who admits he has never seen Rich's computer or talked to the FBI about it), they now claim Rich is the source to Wikileaks and that's why he was murdered.

This is literally being pulled out of this P.I's ass...and the network is running with it. The FBI says they are not even involved in the investigation. It's considered a D.C. Police matter. There is nothing even remotely political about this entire story. It's a tragic murder.

Rich's family is asking for a retraction from Hannity and Fox & Friends. If they don't get it, they'll sue. The P.I has basically retracted his story already. This is an open and shut case if it goes to court. Those shows might want to ask Alex Jones (from Infowars) how it turns out when these fake news stories are debated in a court of law under oath.

Stop it with the hackery. Just stop. You are seriously ruining this country.