Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Eric & Kathy Saga

Robert Feder has a report this morning about the Eric and Kathy show. Sounds like it's possible the show may go on without Kathy, who has been off the air now for three weeks.

It also sounds like she would be welcomed back if she wanted to come back, based on these two quotes...

*“Kathy Hart, of Eric and Kathy fame, is taking some time off and we are looking forward to her return,” said Jeff England, vice president and market manager of Hubbard Radio Chicago.

*“I continue to wish her the best and hope we have some kind of understanding soon,” Ferguson, 50, said of his co-host. “I look forward to her return.”

It's no secret there has been tension there behind the scenes. As a veteran of tension-filled behind-the-scenes dramas, I have a pretty good idea how this is going to end.

(If you're interested, I've previously interviewed every person who was ever a major part of that show. Eric, Kathy, Melissa, Barry Keefe, Mark Suppelsa, Whip, and Swany.)