Monday, September 25, 2017

Dahl Signs for Three More Years

From this morning's Robert Feder column...

Chicago broadcast legend Steve Dahl has signed on for three more years with WLS AM 890. The Radio Hall of Famer will continue to hold forth weekday afternoons with Dag Juhlin and Brendan Greeley. “When I signed with Cumulus in 2014, my dad was passing away in Los Angeles,” Dahl said. “Three years later, Janet and I are expecting our ninth grandchild. Life is a roller coaster, and so is a career in radio. I’m proud of the work Dag, Brendan and I are doing every afternoon for WLS AM 890, and gratified that they like it too. The show is funny, informative and apolitical. We could still use a little marketing, however, so I am currently in negotiations to buy the ‘Kathy’ half of the Eric and Kathy billboards.”