Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mitch Michaels for the NRHOF

Got a message from radio pro Bob Zak, who is leading the charge to get Mitch Michaels nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame. He makes a compelling case...

Nominate Mitch Michaels to the Radio Hall of Fame

Click this link and fill out the brief form. You may copy the brief bio below for your submission.

Chicago radio legend Mitch Michaels’ on-air and behind the scenes work in broadcasting has helped shape the sound of radio for broadcasters and listeners alike in Chicago, the Midwest and beyond. He truly is deserving of this prestigious honor.

BIO: Mitch Michaels has a long record as a personality, innovator & communicator, in the field of radio. From his beginnings at WHFS Bethesda, Md., his native Cleveland at WNCR and WMMS, to his more than 45 years in Chicago at WGLD, WXRT(a station he helped to start), WDAI, the first voice heard on WKQX (Bob Pittman’s radio prototype for MTV), WLUP, WBBM-FM, WCKG, WLS, WXCD, 9FM and WRXQ.

Mitch served as an air personality and program director at “The LOOP” during it's original heyday. He was there when the station became world famous with promotions like “Disco Demolition”, “Day in the Park” and the 1st “Stereo/Video Simulcast” of a live rock concert(The Who) beamed direct and “live” to nine separate theaters (all of which had full concert sound & were “sold out”). He helped kick off innovative 9FM “We Play Anything” w/ Sky Daniels.

Mitch currently hosts 3 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday “Doin’ the Cruise” on 95.9 The River and and recently published his memoir “Doin’ the Cruise: Memories From A Lifetime in Radio and Rock & Roll.”

I always thought highly of Mitch before I read (and published) his book, but boy oh boy, Mitch has really seen it all. Please join in by clicking on the link above if you agree.