Monday, October 01, 2012

Today's Best Tweets

I've begun to spend a few minutes every day reading my twitter feed. Here are ten that caught my eye today...

Natalie DiBlasio ‏@ndiblasio
Poor guy... Justin Bieber throws up on stage at his concert.. and we have video.

Steve Dahl ‏@SteveDahlShow
When the #Bears play the #Cowboys my desire for #HoneyBears coming back kicks in. The #Bears need cheerleaders too!

Fred Winston ‏@FredWinston
"When you run with the big dogs you must learn to lift your leg up high." ~disgusting old saying

david carr ‏@carr2n
Dear Internet: I've come to understand I am part of a liberal media conspiracy to ruin democracy. You can stop now. #linkedondrudge

Huffington Post ‏@HuffingtonPost
'Happy Days' star is homeless after being kicked out of a trailer park

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN
Cabrera has RBI title, tied for HRs, at 43. The race for the batting title is close, three guys within five points.

Sarah Spain ‏@SarahSpain
Oh man, couple with a tiny baby at the airport thought they flew out at, 8pm. That's gonna be a long 12 hours.

ABC News ‏@ABC
Uh-Oh. Diaper Shortage Possible After Plant Explosion

Scott Smith ‏@ourmaninchicago
RT @Rishadt: Pictures are easy. Words are hard. The case for verbal storytelling. What ad biz needs are writers

Ron Smith ‏@oldiesmusic
RT @Radio_Online Danny Bonaduce Bitten By Fan <-- C'mon, get happy!