Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Just One Bad Century--April 22

When the Hawks game was getting too tense for me last night, I was flipping back to the Cubs, and for once...it calmed me down. Nice victory last night against the Diamondbacks.

Today on JOBC, we go back to opening day 1908. This Week in 1908 tells the tale of how that game went, as well as what else was going on in the world 106 years ago this week.

Today's Cubs birthdays feature a World Series winning manager (who played for the Cubs), the most common name in Cubs history (three different players had this name), and a guy who pulled off an unassisted triple play. That play can be seen at the A/V Club.

Today in Wrigley History goes back to 1938 and 1965. The Daily Herald's Mike Imren lists his top five favorite childhood Wrigley memories.

Today's historical event is the first Earth Day in 1970. Where were the Cubs?

In the latest Cubs news: The Cub's top pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks is dealing in Iowa. The future looks bright. Right?