Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Amazon Fights Back

Remember the story in the New York Times about what a workplace cesspool Amazon is?

Well, Amazon is fighting back. They hired the most expensive PR person on the planet (former White House spokesperson Jay Carney) and he wrote a scathing attack on the journalistic practices of the NY Times.

I read it. He basically says that one person in the story had an axe to grind, and wasn't vetted properly. Okey doke. He also alleges that some of the people who were attacked during performance reviews also were told a positive thing or two or even promoted. So what? The point is that even during a positive review, they were attacked by the reviewer. Who does that? An incredibly unpleasant employer, that's who.

What about the person who was ordered to fly the day after her miscarriage? Crickets. The rest of his scathing attack is incredibly vague. He mentions three examples that can be taken in two ways, and then says "There were others".

Oh yeah? I don't believe you. If there were, you would have said so.

If this is the best you've got (and it literally is), I still believe the original story.

Nice try though.