Monday, October 19, 2015

Bubba Toast

I've been reading about the Bubba the Love Sponge controversy, but really never delved into the details until this morning. I didn't care so much about Bubba because he isn't in this market (he's in Tampa), and because he's in trouble about one thing or another all the time. But this time seems a little worse once you get into the details. This is the kind of thing that could end a career. From today's RAMP Newsletter...

On Oct. 6, Bubba admitted he had tried to influence a local PPM holder into trying to boost his ratings, but the complaint illustrates the extreme measures Bubba reportedly took to have this panelist -- and maybe others -- try and deceptively accomplish this mission -- Bubba offered to pay the panelist $300 per month (plus a bonus) if his show's ratings improved, and also gave detailed instructions in how to manipulate the PPM technology in his favor. According to the complaint, Bubba even texted the panelist, "U have to PROMISE NOT TO SAY A WORD... This could ruin me. B." Bubba went as far as to purchase radios -- using his own Amazon account -- for the panelist, to "aid him in his manipulating of the PPM ratings," the complaint reads. Later, a panicked Clem texted the panelist, saying, "I need u more than ever. I had a guy who had just 1 of them (PPM device). And they took it from him Friday. Cause he wasn't smart about it... He got lazy. And he didn't switch it up. Now it's gone. So I need your 4 (meters) more than every buddy." Nielsen believes that other PPM panelists may have been part of Clem's "ratings distortion scheme," according to the complaint.