Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Love for "Truffle Hunt"

We have a new book coming out soon, but every now and then it's fun to check back on amazon and good reads to see what people are saying about the other Eckhartz Press books.

This one was on amazon for "Truffle Hunt"...

This is such a good book and I enjoyed it immensely and the author, Brent Peterson sets forth an epic of a tale in scope to Edna Ferber’s “Giant” but instead of oil wells, barbeque, longhorn cattle and a dry West Texas prairie, he gives us tartufo (truffles), vino and a little corner of the world called Istria, Croatia where Italians, Croatians and Serbs live peacefully, except for a couple of invasions from Nazis, Italian Fascists and Communists. Enter Frank, a hard working writer of restaurant reviews from New York to do a story on the world’s biggest truffle, found in Istria. Frank is thinking a free trip to France or maybe Italy, but no, he’s headed for recently war torn Croatia. The epic part of the story has to do with generations of an Italian family, the Mattiolis who live in Istria and then there’s a pretty wicked Serbian who has escaped being caught for War Crimes and is hiding out in the area. Everything comes together as the latest incarnation of the Mattiolis family meet Frank when he rents a room in their farmhouse and they go hunting with a trusty dog for truffles. Fun story with an intricate plot and characters some of which are lovable, some not so much.