Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Beatles Love Sky

Sky Daniels was an icon in Chicago during his days at the old black-t-shirt Loop days. For the past several years he's been programming a not-for-profit station in Los Angeles. Among his fans, both remaining Beatles. Not kidding. From today's RAMP newsletter...

Back in March of 2014 we told you that Sky Daniels, PD/GM of listener-supported KCSN/Los Angeles had experienced one of the coolest moments of his life when Paul McCartney called to personally thank him for playing his new music. Sir Paul was in L.A. shooting a video for "Early Days" and learned that KCSN was an active supporter of McCartney's album, New. McCartney asked how he could contact the station to say thanks. "Paul's call was so thoughtful, I found myself fighting back tears," Daniels told Billboard. "He told us how his friends loved the station, and that KCSN was playing a number of songs from New and he simply wanted to say thanks." Paul's call turned into an amazing hour-long interview.

Now comes word that the other surviving Beatle, Ringo Starr is also singing the praises of KCSN. In the new issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Lucas Shaw chatted with Starr on a wide variety of subjects, including the Beatles being late to streaming, Britain's recent vote to leave the EU, and much more. When asked how he listened to music, Starr said, "At home, I do it all. I love iTunes. Though the Beatles are streaming now and have had a billion streams, I haven’t actually done it myself. If I'm in the car, I usually listen to the radio, 88.5 Northridge [KCSN-FM, operated by California State University at Northridge]. I just love that channel, because it's such a mixed bag."

That's about as cool as it gets. Congrats to Sky.