Monday, February 06, 2017

Obviously Putin Has Got Something on Him

A man who has no trouble ripping judges, entire races, entire religions, and people with impeccable integrity (like the Pope) absolutely refuses to say anything bad about a former KGB agent killer who is currently going around jailing and murdering the opposition in his country, including the spies who revealed to us that Putin himself ordered the hacking of our election.

Something is really, really, really wrong here. Watch it in context. He seriously says we are just as bad as Putin.

He is either completely delusional (which I suppose is possible), or Putin has something on him. Either possibility is terrifying.

Several other scary parts of this interview...

*He thinks Muslim ban went beautifully. No problems of any kind.
*He still believes there were 3 million illegal votes ("Many people say I'm right"). Even O'Reilly thinks he nuts there.
*Now he's saying health care will take more than a year. It will still be terrific, of course.