Monday, February 06, 2017

RIP Armin Homann

Sad news in Chicago's German community over the weekend. The longtime radio voice of "Deutschland Echo" Armin Homann passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I heard his show at my mother's house many many times, but I really got to know him the past few years. He appears in my book "Gruen Weiss Vor!" (He was a great soccer player back in the day)

Last year he contacted me about doing English-language commercials for him on his radio show, and I've been doing those for him ever since. He paid me with Schnitzel sandwiches at the Edelweiss restaurant. (Best Schnitzel sandwich in the area).

Really nice guy. Last time we talked he mentioned to me that he had seen the graves of my ancestors during his last trip to Europe. Several of my mom's relatives were buried just a few feet away from his own relatives in Straubing, Germany.

Hard to believe he is gone.

The wake will be held on Wednesday from 3-8 at Colonial Funeral Home in Niles, IL. The funeral will be held on Thursday at St. Andrews Lutheran Church at 10:00AM in Park Ridge.