Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today's Best Tweets

Here are some tweets that caught my eye today...

DL Hughley ‏@RealDLHughley
Carl Pistorious the brother of Bladerunner is facing Manslaughter charges himself! Damn! The family that Slays together makes bail together

Chicago Blackhawks ‏@NHLBlackhawks
It's "Hossa Week," as we look ahead to Hoss' 1,000th NHL game! Today, #81 talks about his path to NHL stardom:

Ezra Klein ‏@ezraklein
Bernanke: The sequester could make it harder to reduce the deficit, not easier

Mark Duffy ‏@copyranter
12 very funny or very unfortunate billboard placements:

Taegan Goddard ‏@politicalwire
Another day, another Republican questioning Obama's birthplace

Andy Shaw ‏@AndyShawBGA
Jesse Jackson Jr. writing a memoir to "clear up his legacy" …

Chet Coppock ‏@ChetCoppock
He is first, last and always the moving van!!! A tribute Blog on a man i will forever miss Norm Van Lier...

The billionaire building the Titanic II says it will be so successful he'll "have to build Titanic III":

U.S. Dept. of Fear ‏@FearDept
"What could we be doing to make our audience even stupider?" Executives at our media partners ask this question everyday.

alan cox ‏@alancoxshow
Retiring businessman looking forward to playing more golf: "Just gonna get back to hitting balls." Retiring Pope: "Same."