Monday, February 25, 2013

Toxic Work Environment

A morning show member in Oregon tested the legal boundaries of "toxic work environment" and lost. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

"The jury in Eugene took less than two hours to discard all claims made by former morning show cast member Michael Fleming. He claimed that the toxic work environment eventually prevented him from coming back, says the Register-Guard. That followed Chat “Tanner” Haney supposedly firing him from the show, when Fleming wouldn’t play along with a Super Bowl stunt. But Bicoastal Media says Haney wasn’t Fleming’s supervisor and wasn’t in a position to fire him. And that Fleming never complained through the proper channels about the alleged abuse. As the Register-Guard put it, Bicoastal’s defense is that Fleming “knew what he was getting into, kept going back voluntarily, and never claimed age or sex discrimination until he filed the lawsuit.”

The radio station is lucky I wasn't on the jury. I personally don't think you can understand what a toxic work environment is like unless you've lived it. And once you've lived it, you never forget it.