Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fox News Finally Does the Right Thing

It took the president creating an international incident, but it appears that Fox News has finally realized that they can't just say whatever they feel is true anymore. They need actual facts. That's why Shep Smith and Bret Baier both said that they could not back up Judge Napolitano's assertion about Obama using British Intelligence to spy on Trump. And that's why the network took the unusual step of yanking the Judge off the air.

I think they know now that this current president actually believes what he sees on their network. On behalf of the country and the rest of the world, it sure would be swell if they would do a few more reports.

For instance, point out that Obama didn't send anyone to take your guns away. He wasn't born in Kenya. He isn't a Muslim or a terrorist-sympathizer. You can't fix terrorism by saying the words "Radical Islamic Terrorism". White people are not the most discriminated against in this country. Religious freedom is not under attack. It's not a sign of Armageddon that someone says "Happy Holidays". Poor people are not living the life at the Ritz Carlton with your tax dollars while you struggle to pay your bills. George Soros is not bankrolling all of the protests. No one in the liberal world has ever taken the advice of Saul Alinsky (We don't even know who he is). There was never a plan to inflict martial law in Texas. There are not three to five million illegal immigrants voting in America.

All of these things have been reported by Fox News, or have been allowed to be uttered without pushback on Fox News. If they start actually applying journalistic principals to their reports, they could save this country.

I'm serious.