Monday, March 20, 2017

RIP Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry really was the father of Rock and Roll. There was no-one who was more important in the development of the genre, with the possible exception of Little Richard (who is very ill right now).

Chuck Berry was 90 when he passed away over the weekend.

Watch this incredible video, Chuck jams with John Lennon on the Mike Douglas show.

WGN Radio's Steve King was a huge Chuck Berry fan. He paid tribute to Chuck on his WGN blog this weekend.

Chuck was well known for being a prickly character, and was clearly not a nice guy. He was arrested multiple times in his life, for among other things, putting a camera in the ladies room.

But his song catalog speaks for itself..."Roll Over Beethoven", "Johnny B Goode", "No Particular Place to Go", "Rock and Roll Music", and so many others. This one is, and always will be, my favorite Chuck Berry song (recorded in Chicago at Chess Records)...