Friday, March 24, 2017

The Senate Just Sold Out Your Privacy

From this morning's Variety...

The Senate voted to sideline FCC rules that greatly restricted the type of consumer data that internet providers could share without their permission. The rules, passed by the FCC in October, when it was under Democratic control, had yet to take effect.

The FCC’s rules required that internet service providers get consent from their subscribers before they shared data on such things as browsing history, location data, and other types of usage. Such data collection is increasingly lucrative when it comes to advertising.

But Jeff Flake (R-Arizona), who sponsored the legislation to roll back the FCC’s action, said that the rules had “the potential to limit customers’ choice, stifle innovation and jeopardize data security by destabilizing the internet ecosystem.”

Read that nonsense quote from Jeff Flake again. They can now sell your browsing history, which will do exactly one thing--enrich them. There is no possible way it would have jeopardized your data security if they didn't sell it. What unbelievable nonsense.

I would respect these pro-business moves more if they were just honest about it. It's a money grab, pure and simple. It will never benefit you the consumer. Ever. Just stop it with the Orwellian speak. Flake and his buddies were paid...ahem, I mean make this move.