Thursday, March 23, 2017

Scott Turow

Had a wonderful time last night at Cliff Dweller's on the 22nd floor at 200 S. Michigan Avenue. The venue is spectacular (seriously considering becoming a member), and the conversation was memorable.

Don Evans, the man behind the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, was the moderator of the event and asked great questions, but I've discovered I can listen to writers talk about writing all night long. This was no different, and Scott Turow is a great conversationalist.

I also met a bunch of really interesting people including some potential Eckhartz Press authors, editors and video-ographers, plus a few notorious Chicagoans that once got President Obama in trouble. I even got myself booked to speak at a few libraries.

All in all, a great night. Next time one of these events happens, you should join me. We'll have a good time.

(Photo by John Barnicle)