Monday, May 22, 2017

Anti-Trump is Good for Ratings

The ratings have turned upside down since President Trump took office. MSNBC shot past Fox News in the money demos--an unheard of phenomenon just a year ago. Stephen Colbert has shot past Jimmy Fallon by going more political and not playing it "fair and balanced".

And the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which had struggled to replace Jon Stewart, is now nearly back to Jon Stewart's ratings.

He may not be good for the country, but Donald Trump is definitely good for the ratings. Check that...being anti-Trump is good for ratings.

A Harvard study that came out last week says that the coverage of Trump has been overwhelmingly negative. 93% of the coverage has been negative. I'd say that's probably correct.

It's also justified. He's been president for four months and he's already under FBI investigation and the White House lawyers are resarching impeachment. That's not because of the negative coverage. The negative coverage is because of that. The scandal should be that some media outlets are actually 93% positive toward Trump. That's almost the textbook definition of fake news under the circumstances.