Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Minutia Men Reviews on iTunes

I didn't even know these reviews existed, but we just recorded our latest episode (which drops tomorrow), and during the podcast Dave told me where to find them. There are 50 reviews at iTunes. This is just since the beginning of May, all five star reviews...

*Austin Colon
"This podcast is awesome. It's funny, witty, and well produced. Keep up the good work!"

*Devious Shadow
"This is what all podcasts should be. High quality production, entertaining and engaging hosts, great flow and subject. This is a can't miss podcast."

"Love this duo from Chicago! They are always entertaining!!! Great to add to your must listen shows!"

"This is what my friends and I would sound like if my friends and I were entertaining and funny! These guys are really entertaining and super funny. I'm going through their entire library to fulfill my itch."

*Mister Pankake
"A podcast that adds the right effects and music with hosts who build very witty conversation. The show itself is filled with great information and fun listening for anyone who tunes in."

*Hysterical and Witty
"These two are great together. I just finished the 50th episode and loved it. They have a great chemistry together. Keep up the good work. Love the accent."

*Justintime Jnt
"You can tell these guys are great friends. Their chemistry is fluent and they create some great laughter."

*Mark Mancaveitch
"I have been listening to Minutia Men for almost a year and it's one of the funniest shows out there today. Rick and Dave play so well off each other, their chemistry is great. Each week I look forward to hearing the new episodes and what they are going to say next. Minutia Men should be sponsored by Depends for Men because they have made me piss my pants more than once."

Aw shucks, guys and gals. Thanks so much for the kind words.

Our 52nd episode will be posted tomorrow.