Monday, May 22, 2017

Beat Tom & Bill Golf Outing

I was honored to help out the folks at the Beat Tom & Bill Foundation at their golf outing this year. They raised over $100,000 this weekend to help families struggling with cancer, which took them over the $1 million mark since they started this event in 2002.

It's hard to overstate what an unusual golf outing this is. They do whatever they can to make it fun and entertaining. For instance, how many golf outings have their own opera?

Last year one of the sponsored kids was my cousin's son Caleb. He couldn't be there this year for all the happiest reasons. He was in Disneyworld with his family enjoying their "Make a Wish" trip. Caleb is doing very well!

Caleb's absence didn't stop several other members of our family from going out there. My sister and aunt came out to volunteer. So did my son Sean and my wife Bridget. Bridget got the very glamorous gig of dressing up like a T-rex.

I golfed. One hole had a hydraulic gun that did the drive for you. Another hole you had to drive off a toilet seat. Another one you had to dress like Elvis. Another hole featured the polka stylings of Eddie Korosa.

Motivational speaker Matt Foley (Matt Kissane) was wandering around, and so was a barbershop quartet. Here are a few photos from that nutty day...

At the banquet later that night, Tom Latourette (one of the brothers) unveiled his brand new book which is being sold to help raise money for the foundation. That book is published by Eckhartz Press.

We'll have more information about that soon. It will be on our website probably by the end of the week.

Thanks Tom & Bill for all you do.