Friday, May 26, 2017

Me-TV Radio Goes Nationwide

From this morning's Radio Online...

MeTV FM (87.7 FM) in Chicago has partnered with Envision Networks to syndicate its new radio format with a winning mix of music from the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond to U.S. markets. MeTV FM is curated for long listening and features a deep playlist from an active library of more than 3,000 songs across nearly four decades, including singer-songwriters, country crossovers, Motown, iconic groups and many other artists. There's a wide diversity of music programming from folk rock to funk, deep tracks to disco favorites, and sixties British Invasion to eighties pop.

"We created MeTV FM as the musical companion to America's #1 all classic TV network, MeTV. Both our television and radio formats present timeless and memorable entertainment that resonates with hipsters, hippies, baby boomers and beyond, as we like to say," said Weigel Broadcasting Co. Vice Chairman Neal Sabin. "MeTV FM's music format has broken many of the radio rules in terms of presentation, depth of playlist and mixing of genres. Using a challenging dial position in one of the most competitive radio markets in the country, we have proven the validity and viability of the format. We look forward to working with Envision to bring MeTV FM to many more places."