Friday, September 16, 2016

Division Champs

Division Champs. I don't care how they won it. They won it. On September 15th. Ridiculous. Now let's get that playoff roster fit and clicking on all cylinders.

He is still a birther

This country cannot elect someone who believes the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all-time. He really believes it. He still WILL NOT say that Obama is born in America.

Until he says the words, it should be brought up again and again. What happened to those investigators you sent to Hawaii who "can't believe what they're finding"?

I mean, seriously, holy crap. He really believes that Obama's mother secretly had him in Africa, took out an ad in an American newspaper announcing the birth (just in case he ever went into politics...a mixed race child in 1961), and then snuck back into the country. Then, he believes (and he really does believe this) that Obama got through school strictly because of Affirmative Action--that people don't remember him in school (despite lots of people that do), that Obama won't release his school records because of this.

And he wonders why black people will not vote for him. Honestly, it's the biggest reason I will never consider him. Anyone who believes that ridiculous story is a stone-cold racist. Period.

The Washington Post fact checks his ridiculous statement from last night. He's now blaming the Hillary campaign for beginning the birther movement and that only he had the courage to get an answer for her about the birth certificate.

This man is unhinged.

LATE UPDATE: He admits Obama is an American now. No apology. No regrets. Still pushing bullshit that Hillary started this. Here's a reality check. The guy is full-fledged birther.

More Live Late Night after Debates

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will also go live after the first debate.

Deadline Hollywood has the details.

Again...I'm sure this is just the beginning. These debates are going to have a record audience.

My Cubs!

Division Champs! I was there at the game last night and left disappointed...but before I got home, the Cubs were crowned division champs thanks to a Cardinals loss.

This is a great song about the Cubs, written by Tom Latourette. He and I have collaborated on songs in the past, and he tips his cap to Just One Bad Century at the end of the song. It's a parody of a song from "Hamilton" and it's incredibly well done.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Minitua Men, Episode 20

EP20 – Rick and Dave discuss a customer service breakdown of epic proportions, the most despicable person alive, the longest concert ever, the 1908 Cubs manager, and Rick’s brush with Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne.

Listen to it here.

10 Words and Phrases You'll Need at Oktoberfest

Are you going to Oktoberfest in Munich?

If you are, these handy little phrases will help.

If you're going to a local Oktoberfest, they won't hurt here either.

Glenn Beck Settles Out of Court

My guess is this cost him a pretty penny...and it should have. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Glenn Beck and his partners settle the Boston bombing defamation suit, out of court. We don’t know much about the conclusion of the suit brought by Saudi Arabian student Abdulrahman Alharbi – just that the judge says there’s a settlement and “terms are confidential.” Politico’s Josh Gerstein says an earlier court ruling that punitive damages against Beck, et. al. and claims of “unjust enrichment” were taken off the table by the court – which might’ve “eased the path to a deal.” Beck repeatedly claimed on-air that Alharbi was “the money man” behind the horrific blast at the finish of the 2013 Boston Marathon, even after the feds cleared him. Beck declined to name his sources, saying they’d be endangered if they were revealed. His side also argued that disclosing names could discourage sources coming forward in future stories. Alharbi sued Beck, his TheBlaze and Mercury Radio Arts, and syndicator Premiere Networks. The settlement statement from both sides says “No party has admitted any fault, wrongdoing or responsibility.” Beck’s side says it was upholding the “fundamental principles of journalistic integrity by preserving” confidentiality. Plaintiff Alharbi says his interests are also served by settling.

Good Ol' Number One

With the Cubs magic number down to one, I think back to the time I met good ol' #1. It wasn't at the ballpark.

It was at the Jewel.

That story is here at Just One Bad Century.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Magic Number is 1

Also known as good ol' #1, Jose Cardenal. I'm going to the game on Thursday. Could/should be the clincher.

Live 'Late Night' After Debates

Seth Meyers announced yesterday that he will air a live version of his show "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on NBC the night of the first Clinton/Trump debate. Details are here.

I suspect this is just the first announcement of many. That first debate will undoubtedly be the highest rated presidential debate in history.

Radio in Wartime

There's nothing like the power of radio during war. It's happening again right now in Iraq. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

New take on ‘Good Morning, Vietnam,’” says an Army Times report on a three-month-old radio show that recently sprang up among some American soldiers in northern Iraq, fighting the Islamic State. They know about the Robin Williams-starring 1987 movie where the comedian channeled Vietnam-era broadcaster Adrian Cronauer – and they likewise say (or shout) “Good Morning, Vietnam.” The soldiers offer “news of the day along with commentary, impersonations and a bit of music,” and their energetic performances help “when guard duty gets dull.” Jared Thomas began the radio bit, though he'd never actually seen “Good Morning, Vietnam.” He did know about Williams’ manic vocal delivery of the title phrase, and he turned to YouTube for some research.

I know it wasn't wartime, but when we lived in Germany, the only radio station I ever listened to was Armed Forces Network (AFN). The quality of the soldier broadcasters wasn't that great (although I did hear current Channel 7 newscaster Jim Rose when he was still a soldier), but they were always enthusiastic and more importantly, they played American music. At that time they also aired Paul Harvey, Charlie Tuna, and Casey Kasem's American Top 40. Without that radio station, I would have been lost.

Thanks Obama

Yesterday while speaking at an event for Hillary Clinton, Obama used the caustic phrase "Thanks Obama" ironically after listing some of his achievements. The crowd loved it.

They loved it because it's become an ironic meme, and hearing Obama using it himself was just plain funny.

The Washington Post has a great piece today explaining the origin of the phrase, and how we got to where we are today.

By the way, his favorability number is now at 58%. Highest since his first month in office.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Are Children's Books Rigged Too?

This little children's book from Eckhartz Press is starting to get some attention.

It appeared this morning on Yahoo! News.

Look for the authors to start making the rounds this week.

Olbermann Returns

Keith Olbermann returns as a correspondent for GQ Magazine. It's a web video series with political commentary, and it's previewed here.

Hubbard Radio

For several years Hubbard Radio was THE ownership group to work for in Chicago. They were renowned amongst Chicago radio types for being the fairest and most encouraging ownership group.

Unfortunately, that reputation has been taking a hit since the ratings started trending downward. Yesterday they shook up the management team...again.

No offense to Hubbard, but it turns out they may be just like everyone else after all.

Lochte Attacked During DWTS

Kind of a scary moment last night on Dancing with the Stars. I get that he's a nimrod, but physically attacking him? Are you serious?

Magic Number is 3

The same number of fingers sported by Mordekai Brown...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Follow them on Twitter

The "Patty & The Stump" authors are on a Twitter rampage. If you're interested, follow them @donaldjstump. (The book is here at Eckhartz Press).

This is an example of their tweeting frenzy...

More Pub for "We Have Company"

Thanks so much to the RAMP Newsletter for their kind words about We Have Company: Four Decades of Rock and Roll Encounters...

Chicago-based boutique publishing house Eckhartz Press is readying a new book written by legendary Chicago rock jock Bobby Skafish (WXRT, WLUP, WKQX, WDRV) -- We Have Company (Four Decades of Rock and Roll Encounters) chronicles all of the crazy and colorful interviews Skafish has done with rock and roll greats over his 40+-year radio career.

Eckhartz Press also brought you several other radio-related books by another Windy City radio vet -- Rick Kaempfer, former producer of Hall of Famers John Records Landecker and Steve Dahl & Garry Meier, who wrote The Radio Producer's Handbook, $everance, and his 2013 collaboration with Landecker, Records Truly Is My Middle Name. Kaempfer himself is pretty excited about the new Skafish book, as he tells RAMP, "Your readers will love the insights Bobby gives into what it's like interviewing these musicians, and how you can get the most out of them."

The book ships on Sept. 26 but is available for pre-order now at

Me-TV music

I've recently started listening to Me-TV music when I'm in the car, and it is strangely addictive. I'm hearing songs that I haven't heard in years, and in some cases, haven't heard at all. To be fair, there's a good reason I haven't heard a few of these on the radio before (some are real stinkers), but it doesn't matter somehow.

Robert Feder has the scoop about Me-TV music going national.