Friday, May 04, 2018

Book Signings, We've Got Book Signings

Friday May 18th at the Billy Goat (on lower Michigan) come out and meet Eckhartz Press author Randy Richardson promoting his book "Cubsessions". He will be there from 4-6pm.

And the following day, we've got another signing in Park Ridge...

Tom Weinberg on WTTW

Our very own Eckhartz Press author Tom Weinberg appeared last night on Channel 11, WTTW ("Chicago Tonight") He was there promoting his Eckhartz Press book "Chasing the Lost City"...

Congratulations to Me!

I'm not sure the White Sox have the whole gatorade cooler thing correct...

When You've Lost Fox News...

Holy crap. Neal Cavuto takes four minutes to rip Trump for being a liar, and offers dozens of examples...

Me-TV radio is killing it

The ratings are now better than even WGN radio. Seriously. This station is a marvel. The Chicago Tribune did a great piece on it yesterday. Here's a small excerpt...

The fastest-growing radio station in Chicago has no DJs, plays way too many songs, targets aging baby boomers and is so far down the FM dial it can’t be picked up by many car radios.

Also, it’s not technically a radio station.

Three years after launching, MeTV FM’s eclectic soft oldies format has turned a low-power TV signal at 87.7 FM into a top-10 Chicago radio station, confounding competitors and rewriting the unwritten rules of broadcast radio.

Read the whole article here.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Minutia Men, Episode 92

EP92: Rick and Dave discuss Jenkins at Facebook, a fundraiser at our speed, Tennessee potholes, an inside-the-glove homer, and Rick’s brush with Alice Cooper.

Listen to it here.

Subpoening the Apprentice Tapes

We've all heard about these out-takes, and the alleged comments they contain. Well, we may find out if those rumors are true or not. Summer Zervos, currently engaged in a civil suit against Trump (for defamation--he called her a liar), has subpoened the Apprentice tapes.

According to Tom Arnold, who was on the show, these tapes will prove once and for all that Trump is a racist. How they help Summer Zervos remains to be seen.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

People Love Minutia Men

The podcast returns tomorrow. Here are a few reviews from the past few weeks. We have something like 200 five star reviews on iTunes. Thanks so much for the support!

This is great!
in iTunes by definitely not Darin from USA on April 19, 2018
This podcast is like if two really good sports talk radio hosts talked about random stuff instead of sports! I've now spend several hours leaning all sorts of absolutely trivial things. Keep up the good work, fellas!

So great infotainment!
in iTunes by Kal-El The Last Son from USA on April 17, 2018
I cannot get enough if this show! So entertaining and I learn something new all the time.

A very enjoyable listen!
in iTunes by Maddam Beltaine from UK on April 14, 2018
A very entertaining show! The two presenters have natural chemistry and an engaging manner, and the range of topics covered make the mind boggle! Definitely worth a listen.

Great rapport, intelligent and awesome topics!
in iTunes by anjnlz from USA on April 13, 2018
The minutia men have great rapport, always fun to listen to! Highly recommended to subscribe!!! Good stuff, 5 stars!!!

Hot Minutia
in iTunes by WCC Podcast from Australia on April 8, 2018
Lots of laughs and fun whimsical anecdotes. The show has terrific energy, pace and smooth flow. Excellent clarity and audio quality. Highly recommend to adults looking for a break from the drudgery of life :D

hey, we put the chips ahoy away!
in iTunes by Sheamus McKillian from USA on April 7, 2018
The Gruesome Twosome give a grand hello to these great podcasters! A must listen podcast! We couldnt be more thankful to have someone live vicariously through us (without the issues) haha! Come listen if youre a fan of podcasts at all...its worth the listen!

Minutia Men
in iTunes by Ask Dog Guru from USA on April 6, 2018
What started as a Twitter into turned into a permanent listener! LOVE the audio quality, the hosts are great and despite how exhausted I am I can't stop laughing. #Shade from Daddy Issuez

Great show!
in iTunes by C├╝mCpt from USA on April 5, 2018
Loved this podcast, it's very relatable and keeps me entertained!

in iTunes by Girls! Girls! Girls! Podcast from UK on April 2, 2018
If you're looking for a funny, original and interesting podcast with hosts who have fantastic chemistry, then this is the one for you!

New listener
in iTunes by Dynasty4Life from USA on April 2, 2018
These guys are great. Definitely worth a listen

It’s the podcast I didn’t know I needed.
in iTunes by Cameron Todd Scott from USA on March 30, 2018
I’m only a few episodes in, and I’m already in love. I’m certain this podcast was made for me. Listening to Rick and Dave talk is like sitting on the front porch shooting the breeze with a couple of your best friends. But don’t be fooled. Behind the minutia—and hilarity—lies genuine conversation and interesting takes on everyday life. Do yourself a favor. Subscribe to Minutia Men Podcast right now. You can thank me later. Cameron Scott (The Black Podcast)

Good fun!
in iTunes by keithttu from USA on March 29, 2018
Really enjoyed the show, definitely have a great history together and it shows! Fun show, and can’t wait to listen more!

How do you know when you've jumped the shark?

When C-SPAN (that's right, CSPAN) tweets out a video mocking you. In this case, the ridiculous House Freedom Caucus.

Bill Cosby

This is a great piece about Bill Cosby.

It's written by Hermene D. Hartman, a woman who got to know Cosby and his wife early in his career. It's a well balanced piece about what he meant to the black community, the other side of his personality, and the disappointment and shock they feel now that they know about the real man.

Facebook's New Plan

I like the sound of this, but I'm sure there's a catch. The headline reads: Facebook is building a clear history feature. They are also (supposedly) allowing you to opt out of the data collection.

I'll believe when I see it, but it sure sounds like a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Graduate

Dane Placko

My media column this month tells the harrowing tale of Fox-32's Dane Placko's UK experience, in which he goes from reporter to pirate.

You can read about it here.

First Career Win

Nice to see the young lad get his first MLB win. His father is former Red Sox manager John Farrell...

I know what you're thinking. "But Rick, isn't wearing your lucky shirt just as responsible for the win?" Look, I'm not all about credit. As long as we bring home a W, it's all good. Let the kid have his moment.

Peter Bowen

My old colleague Peter Bowen is back in the news today. Via Robert Feder's column...

Peter Bowen, former vice president and market manager of Cumulus Media Chicago, has been named director of sports sales for Entercom sports/talk WSCR 670-AM and for Bears, Bulls and Cubs play-by-play broadcasts. At Cumulus he was responsible for bringing the Bulls and White Sox to news/talk WLS 890-AM. The latest move, effective May 14, reunites Bowen with colleagues at the former CBS Radio, where he was director of sales in Chicago and Los Angeles before he joined Cumulus in 2015.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Joe Maddon

I get it. It sucks to get old. It sucks to see pictures of yourself looking old. But please, Joe Maddon, look at these two pictures. You look MUCH better with the gray hair. It's part of your charm. The other guy with the hair dye looks like a huckster.

This is what I would look like playing baseball

White House Correspondent's Dinner

Were some of these jokes a little below the belt and mean? Yes. Does the president do that every single day via his Twitter feed? Yes. If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it. (Several members of the president's staff walked out. Trump himself was afraid to attend.)

Uh oh, Michael

The Enquirer has been proven to be in Donald Trump's pocket. They bought and killed the story of the playmate and the Trump (with the help of Michael Cohen). Nothing about Trump or anyone in his circle appears without Trump's blessing. Time to flip, Michael. The big guy's not going to stand behind you...

Red State fires staff insufficiently supportive of Trump

RedState is a conservative website, and they did a mass layoff of writers over the weekend. Turns out, the only writers fired were those that were "insufficiently supportive of Trump."

Mediaite has the details.

Seriously, folks. This sort of thing doesn't frighten you a little bit?

Look who graduated this weekend!

My old boss and pal, the legendary John Records Landecker! So happy for him. I think you can tell it meant a lot to him...

Da Bears

I must say, I've never seen this before. The Bears draft got one of the highest grades of all the teams. Can this really be true? This is what CBS Sportsline said...

Chicago Bears: A
The Bears knocked it out of the park with their first three picks. They landed linebacker Roquan Smith in the first round, and he will immediately become a big part of their defense. In the second round, they hit on interior lineman James Daniels, who will play left guard for them, and then hit big on receiver Anthony Miller, who has star potential. He might end up being the best receiver in this class. If they get a little out of the rest of the class, it's a bonus. They had an impressive first two days.

Rick and Dave on the Radio

Dave and I appeared on WCGO Radio (1590 AM) yesterday afternoon to discuss our publishing business. We brought along author Beth Jacobellis, who talked about her book "Cameo". Thanks to Playtime with Bill Turck and Kerri Kendall for having us on!

Another Chilly Day at the Ball Game

Bridget and I made the trek out to Wrigley on Friday afternoon. Really cold. But the Cubs won! I'm not taking full credit because the players on the field probably had a little something to do with it, but I have been wearing my lucky Cubs shirt for a little while every day during the streak. You're welcome. I'm not a hero. Just doing my part.