Thursday, July 18, 2013

CTFD Parenting Technique

Finally a parenting technique I can wholeheartedly endorse.

It's called: CTFD

(Tongue, of course, is planted firmly in cheek by the author of the piece)

Tinker To Evers To Chance

On this day in 1910 the poem that immortalized three Cubs infielders was printed in the newspaper for the first time.

Details at Cubs 365.

George Noory

Looks like we'll have spooky overnight radio to listen to while driving across the country for at least a few more years. From today's RAMP newsletter...

Premiere Networks has inked an exclusive long-term contract extension with George Noory, the longtime host of the awesome Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America. "By renewing my deal with Premiere Networks, I'll be around when astronauts land on Mars," said Noory. "I want to thank Premiere and Clear Channel Media and Entertainment for having the confidence in me and our amazing team to take Coast to Coast AM into the future. I look forward to many more years of bringing riveting programs during the late-night hours to our millions of listeners around the world."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Windy City Reviews reviews "Recalled to Life"

Chicago's own Windy City Reviews has this to say about the Eckhartz Press novel "Recalled to Life" (by Dan Burns)...

"Burns deftly outlines the challenges in caring for an elderly parent. He deals sensitively with the trials of aging, particularly in dealing with failing physical strength and the frustrations of memory loss...Burns writes with great empathy for all the characters...Overall this is a touching Chicago story about intergenerational bonds, and the love that keeps a family together despite the challenges of life."

The full review is here.

The book is available here.


Jenny McCarthy Joins "The View"

The New York Times has the details.

It's a great hire. She's got a great personality for this format.

I've met her a few times over the years. My favorite story about her is when we tried to get her to record a promo for Landecker's show. At the time the slogan of our music format was "The Greatest Hits of All Time". She said it a few times, recognized what that phrase sounded like coming out of her mouth, and thought we were trying to set her up. Say it to yourself a few times, and you might get the idea.

Just for the record, we didn't do it on purpose at all, but it was funny.

The Chicago Baseball Happiness Scale

The RedEye has created something they call the Chicago Baseball Happiness Scale.

As you might imagine, both teams are not doing well this year.

I developed something similar about five years ago, although I didn't come up with a number. I came up with a logo...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Greetings from FC Bayern

I got this photo e-mailed to me from Bayern Munich. It's recovering Bayern Munich player (and German National Team player) Bastian Schweinsteiger wishing us well in the FC Bayern Cup taking place at the Green White Soccer fields in Mt. Prospect/Des Plaines this weekend. In case you don't know, Schweinsteiger is one of the biggest soccer stars in the world, and FC Bayern just won the European Champions League.

Then, this morning, FC Bayern posted the same picture on their facebook page and advertised the event to their facebook audience of 7,000,000+ along with a special e-mail address created strictly for our e-mail address. I'll be dealing with an exploding e-mail box the rest of the week, but it's nice to see that some people in this country recognize the significance of this.

Asiana Airlines Considers Legal Action Against KTVU, NTSB

The full story is here, but the gist of it is that a television station in San Francisco broadcast the names of the pilots...but it wasn't their real names. The names were obviously jokes provided by pranksters.

It is not clear how KTVU originally got the names. The NTSB admitted Friday night to confirming the false names, saying a summer intern “acted outside the scope of his authority.”

What were the names? "Sum Ting Wong” and “Wi Tu Lo.”

I know it's supposed to be tragedy plus time equals comedy, and perhaps the time portion of that equation hadn't yet been fulfilled, but I have to admit I laughed out loud when I read the names. I have suitably punished myself for that inappropriate reaction.

John Landecker at the Beverly Arts Center (Photos & Commentary)

On the eve of his double knee-replacement surgery, John Records Landecker appeared before a full house at the Beverly Arts Center to discuss his book "Records Truly Is My Middle Name" yesterday. The facilitator of the event, Penny Golden--host of Author Afternoon at the Beverly Arts Center, interviewed John (and me) about his life, his career, and his writing process.

After the interview, the audience engaged in a lively Q&A session with John.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and of course, to Penny Golden who once again proved she's the best in the business at interviewing authors. (Eckhartz Press author Dan Burns will be appearing there in a few months too).