Friday, March 18, 2022

Free Kicks--Turmoil at Chelsea

 The latest episode of Free Kicks has been posted. You can listen to it here.

Chelsea Football Club has been sanctioned because they are owned by a Russian oligarch. Adam and Rick discuss the implications. [Ep149]

Chicago Writes

 This weekend I'll be downtown at the Allerton Hotel helping preside over the Chicago Wrtiers Association writers conference known as Chicago Writes. I'll be moderating a panel discussion on Saturday with fellow producers Jeff Hoover (WGN-TV), Jason Marck (WBEZ), and Jasmine Cooper (WCIU-TV). On Sunday I'll be on a panel with fellow Chicago publishers from Amika Press and Tortoise Press. Looking forward to spending a weekend talking about and thinking about writing.

Eckhartz Everyday

 *Happy birthday to Eckhartz Press author Rich King! The former WGN-TV sports reporter penned the book Back in the Game for us in 2014, and has a new book coming out on Eckhartz Press later this year.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Arnold Tells it Like it is

New morning show at B-96

Sounds like they are going for the younger audience that doesn't listen to radio. Let's hope it works. From Robert Feder's column...

Four personalities from Phoenix’s KALV — known collectively as “The Morning Mess” — are moving to Chicago to broadcast live from B96, Audacy announced Wednesday. They’ll start on the air the week of April 4.

The show will air here from 5:30 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday and continue to be heard in Phoenix as well.

Leader of the ensemble cast is Joey Rodriguez, a Philadelphia native of Puerto Rican descent who grew up in Los Angeles. Known to fans as “Joey Boy” and “Nachoo,” he first began pursuing his radio ambitions at age 15 and was hosting nights at Power 106 in L.A. by his early 20s.

His team also features Jeana Shepard (described as a young mother of two who’s “looking for any excuse to get out of the house”), Aneesh Ratan (“an avid advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and top-of-the-line twerker”), and Karla Hernandez (“a young and fun Mexican American beauty queen who enjoys giving listeners a sneak peek into her dating, partying and personal life”).

Info on the latest Cub

Eckhartz Everyday

 *It's St. Patrick's Day, so Just One Bad Century is featuring every single Cub  named Pat. Naturally, they are all in the book EveryCubEver.

*Gary Sinese was born on St. Patrick's Day. The famous Cub fan is featured in the Eckhartz Press book Cubsessions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview--Sherman Dilla Thomas

 Our latest interview episode has been posted. Listen to it here.

His TikTok videos about Chicago history are a phenomenon (@6figga-dilla), and Rick and Dave discuss his upcoming streaming deal, and some of the unique and crazy stories about Chicago history that have brought him attention. [Ep94]

Studio Walls

    Every week I send my Minutia Men Co-Host Dave Stern a list from our audio archives for this week's Studio Walls feature. These are the possibilities for this week. Which one will he choose?

*March 13, 1781 the planet Uranus was discovered. We talked to Phil Plait about our favorite planet. (Listen to the entire interview here)

*March 14 is Dobie Maxwell's birthday. We interviewed Dobie on the show, including about his book Monkey in the Middle.. (Listen to full interview)

*March 14 is also the birthday of God Friended Me creator Steve Harper. We talked to him about that show, and the importance of the BLM marches in 2020. (Listen to full interview here)

*March 15 is the Ides of March. We had Ides of March lead singer Jim Peterik on the show, and he played their biggest hit ("Vehicle") for us. (Full interview available here).

*March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. A perfect day to call the Catholic Confession Hotline (AUDIO)

*St. Patrick's Day\, of course, was celebrated live on the podcast in 2020 when we had Irish musician Timothy O'Shea in the studio. (Listen to his entire interview here)

*March 17, 2017 is the day the program The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel debuted. We spoke to an actor on that show, Dave Koenig (Full interview is here)

*March 18 is sportscaster Rich King's birthday. We had him on the show on the anniversary of his retirement. (Listen to interview here)

*March 18 is also the birthday of Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. We talked to the man who discovered him playing in a garage, John Denicola. John is the guy who co-wrote the hits for the film Dirty Dancing. (Listen to full interview here).

(Rick and Dave with Timothy O'Shea)

Eckhartz Everyday

*Today is NPR's Scott Simon's birthday. Scott was featured in two Eckhartz Press books, Records Truly Is My Middle Name by John Landecker, and Cubsessions by Becky Sarwate-Maxwell and Randy Richardson.

*On this day in 2013, Randy Richardson was appearing at the Book Stall in Winnetka to promote his book Cheeseland. 

*On this day in 2015, I was on Rick Kogan's show to talk about my book Father Knows Nothing. I brought oldest son Tommy along to observe the interview.

*Today is Nancy Wilson's birthday. The guitarist of Heart is featured in the Eckhartz Press book We Have Company by Bobby Skafish.

*Today is also Tom Bradley's birthday. Tom was a member of the 1972 White Sox, and is featured in the pages of the Eckhartz Press book Chili Dog MVP.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Ides of March

As Shakespeare's soothsayer warned Caesar...Beware the Ides of March. You'd think that with the purple hair, he'd have seen it coming. (Jim Peterik from the Ides of March)

Gaylord Perry

I never realized that he actually admitted it. And he's in the Hall of Fame.

Chili Dog MVP

 Great review by Rick Kogan in today's Chicago Tribune about our latest book, Chili Dog MVP. "I guarantee that the most excitement you’ll find — short of a World Series win on either side of town — is in the 400-some pages of “Chili Dog MVP: Dick Allen, the ‘72 White Sox and a Transforming Chicago” from publisher Eckhartz Press."

You can read it here.

Adam vs. Tucker

Amen to this. Tucker may not be a full-fledged traitor at this moment, but he's coming awfully close.

From the Writing Archives

Today is WXRT Morning Man Richard Milne's birthday. I interviewed him two years ago for the Illinois Entertainer. 

Here is a small excerpt of that piece...

He had been a heavy XRT listener for years, and he credits some of the greats for influencing his own style on the air.

“All of them had an impact on me,” he says, “but I don’t think I’ve ever given proper credit or attribution to Bobby Skafish. He created the most marvelous radio in the late ’70s/early ’80s, which was an impressionable time for me. I was a hardcore WXRT listener beginning in ’78 or ’79, and Bobby Skafish was on fire in those days. His personality leaped through the speakers. Those Skafish years at WXRT are as responsible for me getting into radio as anything.”

Since arriving at the 93.1 dial position himself, Milne has had some of his own shining moments.

“I remember talking to Curtis Mayfield in 1996. He had just released his first LP since an on-stage lighting accident in 1991. You have to admire all that Curtis brought to music, but for the majority of his life—by this time, he was living in Atlanta—he was a Chicago guy. I have always taken great pride in that. When I left the studio that day, having just interviewed Curtis Mayfield, albeit it that he was literally lying on his back talking into a telephone, I felt like I was walking on air. Surviving an interview with Lou Reed live, with his personality, while witnessing his on-stage performance, was another highlight. He played songs four feet away from me that I was engineering.  It’s hard to top that.”

Milne isn’t the same disc jockey he was when he first cracked the microphone in the 80s. His on-air style has evolved over time, and he credits his attention to detail.

“I have a path I follow every break,” he says. “That’s the way I do my best work. I have to know what my ‘in’ is and what my ‘out’ is, and what my content is. I don’t just whip these things out. I have given thought to everything I say and everything I play. It is important to me. I don’t have a problem with other people who can crack a mike and let the stream of consciousness flow, but I’m not that guy.”

He is, he admits, a very lucky guy.

“I wish everyone in radio had the kind of outlet and the kind of freedom we have on WXRT. That’s why listeners respond to it. As far as I’m concerned, the future remains bright for Chicago’s Finest Rock, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Richard Milne can be heard every weekday morning from 5:30am—10am.

If you'd like to read the entire piece, it's here.

Eckhartz Everyday

 *On this day in 2016, Eckhartz Press author Dobie Maxwell was making the rounds, appearing on WGN, WLS, WIND, WRXR, and WTMJ. 

You can listen to all of those appearances here.

This Week in English Soccer

 *This week in 1872 (March 16), they played the first FA Cup final game in history. Wanderers FC beat Royal Engineers FC 1-0.

*This week in 1892 (March 15), Liverpool FC (my favorite English team) was founded. 

Both Liverpool and the FA Cup will be discussed in this week's Free Kicks with Adam and Rick. New episodes drop every Friday.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Minutia Men--Box Full of Heads

 The latest episode of Minutia Men is out. You can listen to it here.

Pickle crime, Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch, Grizzly Bear counselors, flatulent license plates, a box full of heads, and a brush with a celebrity rapper are discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep263]

Marilyn and the Cubs

 I've never seen this one before. It was posted on my facebook page. Love it. Trying to figure out who those three Cubs players are...

UPDATE: It wasn't the Cubs. It was the White Sox. Full story is here.

That makes me feel a little better. I was worried I didn't recognize the players.

RIP William Hurt

He passed away yesterday at the age of 71. Really good in Body Heat and the Big Chill. Great in Broadcast News...

From the Writing Archives

Today is 3/14, which my math-genius son calls "Pi Day" (The first few digits of Pi are 3.14). In honor of "Pi Day" about ten years ago, I wrote a math-oriented Father Knows Nothing column for him. He hated it. I'm not sure why...

These simple story problems will not only help your child with math, they will help explain the frustration that eventually emerges in all parents.

Remember, boys and girls, to show your work.

#1: One of Freddy’s jobs is to make sure he changes his underwear every day. If his mother does the laundry every Friday, and there is only one pair of Freddy’s underwear in the laundry, how many days has Freddy neglected to do his job that week?

#2: George is a very bright boy. He gets 100% on every paper he turns in, but he only turns in seven of the ten papers that were due. If each paper is worth 100 points, and he receives zero points on every paper he doesn’t turn in, what is his final grade for the class?

#3: Billy has been brushing his teeth all by himself twice a day (morning and night) since the day he turned three years old. Unfortunately, Billy never remembers to do this until his parents remind him, and each time they need to remind him three times. By the time Billy reaches his 15th birthday, how many times have his parents had to remind him to brush his teeth?

#4: Sissy and her mother go to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Her mother asks the grocer how many different types of vegetables he sells, and the grocer replies “70.” Of these 70 varieties of vegetables, only three can be served on a plate to Sissy without inducing loud whining. What percentage of the available vegetables will Sissy eat without making dinner miserable for everyone around her?

#1: 6 days in one week (85.7% of the week)
#2: C Minus
#3: 52,560 times
#4: 4.28571% of available vegetable varieties

Eckhartz Everyday

 *Happy birthday to Dobie Maxwell. Dobie's great book Monkey in the Middle is one of the best selling books in Eckhartz Press history, and one of three Eckhartz Press books optioned for film rights.

*On this day in 2013, John Landecker began his publicity campaign for Records Truly Is My Middle Name with an appearance on Windy City Live. Two surprise callers joined in...his daughter Amy, and the legendary disc jockey Larry Lujack.

*Today is radio host/podcaster Steve Cochran's birthday. Steve was a big fan of the Eckhartz Press book The Living Wills and said this about it: 

An amazing accomplishment. You couldn’t pick a more difficult way to write a book, and they have pulled it off.