Saturday, October 02, 2010

Friday, October 01, 2010

Chicago Radio Spotlight tease

Tomorrow morning's Chicago Radio Spotlight will shine on WBBM NewsRadio's Pat Cassidy.

We had a nice chat about his days with WBBM, WMAQ, WBMX, and yes, his days with Mancow. I'll be posting it tomorrow morning before I take the boys to piano lessons (that's right, baby, I live a glamorous life.)

Pow, right in the kisser!

On this day in 1955, Ralph and Alice debuted in "The Honeymooners." It was a different era. One of the trademark lines was Ralph threatening to punch Alice, with the line "One of these days, Alice. One of these days. POW! Right in the kisser!" Needless to say, that could never happen on TV today...

October birthdays

A hearty happy birthday to the following Cubs and Cubs-related people, some of whom are still with us, and some of whom are not. We've previously told stories about all of them. Click on their names to read about their Cub connections.

Cub fan Tom Bosley (Oct. 1)*

Former Cub catcher Hector Villanueva (Oct 2)

Cub fan Groucho Marx (Oct 2)

Former Cub outfielder Dim Dom Dallessandro (Oct 3)

Former Cub pitcher Dennis Eckersley (Oct 3)

Former Cub infielder Norm "Bub" McMillian (Oct 5)*

Cub fan Ray Kroc (Oct 5)

Former Cub pitcher Jay Baller (Oct 6)

Cub fan Jonathan Alter (Oct 6)

Former Cub outfielder Chuck Klein (Oct 7)

Former Cub outfielder Jose Cardenal (Oct 7)

Former Cub general manager Larry Himes (Oct 8)

Former Cub Catfish Metkovich (Oct 8)

Former Cub outfielder/1B Joe Pepitone (Oct 9)

Former Cub catcher Bill Reindeer Killefer (Oct 10)

Former Cub outfielder Lou "The Mad Russian" Novikoff (Oct 12)

Former Cub Pickles Dillhoefer (Oct 13)*

Former Cubs pitcher Rube Waddell (Oct 13)

Former Cub pitcher Paul Derringer (Oct 17)

Former Cub pitcher Mordecai Three Finger Brown (Oct 19)

Former Cub outfielder Jigger Statz (Oct 20)

Former Cub GM Wid Matthews (Oct 20)

Former Cub pitcher Bill Lee (Oct 21)

Former Cub outfielder Jimmie Foxx (Oct 22)

Former Cub outfielder Rafael Palmeiro (Oct 24)

Former Cub pitcher Jim Brosnan (Oct 24)

Former Cub outfielder Bobby Thomson (Oct 25)

Former Cub pitcher Russ Mad Monk Meyer (Oct 25)

Former Cub third baseman Steve Ontiveros (Oct 26)

Cub fan and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (Oct 26)

Cub fan Pat Sajak (Oct 26)

Former Cub outfielder Ralph Kiner (Oct 27)

Former Cub utility man Circus Solly Hoffman (Oct 28)

Cub fan Dennis Franz (Oct 28)

Former Cub catcher Kettle Wirts (Oct 30)

Former Cub first baseman Fred McGriff (Oct 31)

Cub fan Ronnie Woo Woo Wickers (Oct 31)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guinness Record?

Anybody know if there a Guinness Record for fastest dog?

Just wondering.

My dog Ivy was sleeping in the basement last night--out cold--fast asleep. I went upstairs to get a snack, and when I opened the refrigerator door, Ivy was standing right next to me.

I don't want to say it was the speed of light, but certainly the speed of sound. That refrigerator door sound is more powerful than any dog whistle on the market.

James Dean

He died on this day in 1955...

Robin Roberts

The late Robin Roberts was born on this day in 1926.

He was a Hall of Famer, but sadly, not for his time with the Cubs.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Flintstones

"MB" pointed out to me that The Flintstones are also celebrating their 50th anniversary this week. He sent the link to this impossible Flintstones trivia quiz. Did you know that Sally Struthers was the voice of Pebbles?

I had no idea.

I did, however, know which brand of smokes Fred and Barney preferred.

My Three Sons

The television show "My Three Sons" debuted exactly 50 years ago today. I'm now living the life of this show, humming the theme song as I go through my daily chores.

I'm just like dad in this show.

I wear a cardigan, I smoke a pipe, and I command a great deal of respect. When I tell my boys that they can't do something, they say "Aw Gee, Dad," and slink away, but at bedtime they usually come to me and thank me for the excellent advice I've given them, and the lesson they've learned from my firm guiding hand.

Yup, just like the show.

Maddux vs. Maddux

His older brother Mike was the established NL pitcher, and Greg was just the upstart young pup with the Cubs, but on this day in 1986 Maddux went up against Maddux.

Greg beat Mike 8-3 for his second career major league victory.

Jody Davis hit a homer and knocked in five runs for the Cubs.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Exactly 90 years ago today. The Chicago Black Sox were indicted. Here they are, Eight Men Out: Eddie Cicotte, Oscar Felsch, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Fred McMullen, “Buck” Weaver, Charles Risberg and Claude “Lefty” Williams.

Homer in the Gloamin

On this day in 1938, the most famous home run in Cubs history was hit by Gabby Hartnett. It has become known as the "Homer in the Gloamin'"

This is what it sounded like on the radio.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Warren Commission

The Warren Commission Report was released on this day in 1964. They reported that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone...

Oscar Gamble

On this day in 1969, a young Cubs rookie named Oscar Gamble made his debut.

He would later go on to have a very successful major league career...with other teams.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Father Knows Nothing

My latest Father Knows Nothing column is now posted at NWI Parent. It's called "College Contributions."

You can read it here.