Friday, October 01, 2021

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George Ofman

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Reason number 7,809,792

I don't even try to reason with die-hard Trumpers. They lost touch with a reality a long time ago. But for those of you who still think it's a pretty even choice between the Ds and Rs when it comes to the White House, please read this.

It's a New York Times review of former press secretary Stephanie Grisham's book, detailing the insanity of the Trump White House.

The Ds may not be doing a great job, but the Rs are supporting/and twice voted for a bonafide pyscho.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Eric Ferguson lawsuit

 Yikes. Shocking story in today's Tribune. Read the whole thing here (it's pretty lurid), but here's the gist of it, written by Tracy Swartz...

A former assistant producer for WTMX-FM’s popular “Eric in the Morning” show has sued host Eric Ferguson, alleging he abused his power as the radio station’s “anointed sacred cow” to coerce sexual favors early in her career, then blocked promotions as punishment after she refused to resume an “unwelcome sexual relationship.”

In a Cook County lawsuit filed in May, Cynthia DeNicolo contends the Radio Hall of Famer orchestrated her dismissal nearly 16 years after she stopped providing oral sex about twice a month in response to Ferguson’s demands, for which he allegedly used the code words “I need a backrub.”

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