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A new era begins

 Last day of school...ever. The end of an era for the Kaempfers. All three boys are now done with high school. Sean heads to NIU in the fall. (Sniff)

From the Eckhartz Press Archives (May)

 Just posted on the Eckhartz Press blog...

2021 marks our tenth year as a publisher, and every month we’ll be dipping into the archives to celebrate that anniversary. May has typically been a busy month at Eckhartz Press. For instance, check out some of these May moments from our authors Ken Korber, Roger Badesch, Tom Weinberg, Rick Kaempfer, Bob Shannon, Pat Colander, John Landecker, Randy Richardson, and Chuck Quinzio.

2020 was a very difficult year in the publishing business, but Eckhartz Press author Ken Korber addressed the number one issue on everyone’s minds, when he released his children’s book about COVID on May 1st, Grace Fights COVID-19. Here’s Ken with Eckhartz Press publishers Rick Kaempfer and David Stern with the oversized promotional cover…


Another book released in May of 2020 was the great memoir by WGN Radio newsman Roger Badesch, The Unplanned Life. He was interviewed by the EP blog about the reaction to his book, and here’s a short excerpt from that interview…


“Well, my wife says I was a royal troublemaker as a kid – and she’s already known most of my exploits from back then.  A few readers have commented that they feel like I’m right there sharing stories with them – and I’ve heard that before when I’d tell stories during my air shifts on WGN Radio with Rick Kogan, Brian Noonan, Matt Bubala and Dave Plier, amongst others.  One close friend, whom I’ve known for about 30 years, called me an ‘f-ing dork’ when she read how Bridget and I first met in Bloomington/Normal IL. And she meant that in the most loving way possible. That was awesome!”

Read the entire interview here.


In May of 2018, Eckhartz Press author Tom Weinberg was asked to appear on Chicago Tonight (WTTW-Channel 11) in Chicago to discuss his incredible book Chasing the Lost City

Click here to watch the interview:

On the field at Wrigley, with among others Cubs owner Tom Ricketts

In May of 2019, Rick Kaempfer was making the rounds promoting the first edition of his book EveryCubEver. One of the stops, naturally, was Wrigley Field, and one of the eager readers was the owner of the Cubs, Tom Ricketts. Later in the month Rick discussed the book with life-long Cub fan/political pundit George Will…

George Will

In May of 2017, Radio programming guru Bob Shannon drove down from his home in Minnesota to sign a contract with Eckhartz Press for his book, Turn it Up. It was a memorable day in the news. It was the day that Donald Trump fired James Comey. The scroll was running on CNN over the bar…


In May of 2016, Pat Colander appeared on Rick Kogan’s show on WGN Radio to promote her award winning (CWA Book of the Year) Hugh Hefner’s First Funeral. Pat and Rick had known each other for nearly four decades and the interview was warm and friendly…


In 2015, John Landecker was making the rounds promoting his book Records Truly Is My Middle Name. His celebrity actress daughter Amy came to town to help, and they were everywhere, including WGN-TV…


In May of 2018, Randy Richardson was out promoting the first edition of his book Cubsessions (co-written by Becky Sarwate-Maxwell). One of the more memorable events was his signing at the legendary Billy Goat Tavern. Among the attendees, former Cubs ballgirl Kathy Wolter, Ronnie Woo-Woo, and the Shawon-O-Meter man himself, Dave Cilha.


In May of 2014, Eckhartz Press author Chuck Quinzio (Life Behind the Camera) found a surprising ally in his book publicity…


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Minutia Men Celebrity Interview--Mark Giangreco

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Minutia Men 5th Anniversary


One of my first momentous sports on tv memories...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of '21

Glad to see Todd Rundgren finally made it in...

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14 years ago

 I started my promotional campaign for my first novel $everance 14 years ago. I'll admit, my campaign was a touch unusual. This is my piece from May of 2007.

I've probably already told you about my satirical novel (“$everance”) that explains who and what really runs the media, but you’d be surprised how difficult it is to get the word out in the media about a book that exposes the truth about the media…

Some authors faced with such a seemingly insurmountable dilemma and an advertising budget of zero, might be deterred or overwhelmed. Not me.

I’ve created the world’s first truly interactive billboard. 

I know this looks like a very fancy billboard, but it’s really just my three sons facing a blank wall, waiting for someone to walk by and look at it. When someone does, this amazing billboard “comes to life.”

The first boy turns around and says: “Severance is available at

The second boy turns around and says: “It’s only $16 if you order right now.”

And the third boy is supposed to turn around and say, "That's a heck of a deal for a "hysterical critique of corporate morality" that is "told with the keen insight of an industry insider", and is, take your pick: "laugh out loud funny", "yeah, that funny", "brilliant satire", "great, funny, sarcastic, and thought-provoking" or "whiplash-fast choke-on-your-coffee funny"."

(All actual quotes from actual reviews. See them all here: 
Praise for $everance)

Unfortunately, he's only 4, and he usually says "Dad, this is stupid."

I suppose I could try another way. I could ask people to help spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to people who may enjoy the book. Or I could ask people to suggest "$everance" for their book clubs. Or I could just ask people to help rescue these children from the humiliating experience by spending a measly $16 right now by clicking here (

Or.... the boy could learn his lines and deliver them with feeling. What are they teaching these kids in pre-school these days?

Maybe we'll see you this summer. The boys and I will be traveling around the country looking for blank walls that are just screaming for an interactive billboard. With any luck, I'll sell enough books to allow them to go back to school in the fall.

If not, acquiring the salesmanship skills and street smarts this project will teach them will more than make up for what they miss in 6th grade, 4th grade, and pre-Kindergarten, respectively. Don't you think?


Welcome new Eckhartz Press author Bob Boone!

 Our latest book, now available at Eckhartz Press. Super excited to welcome acclaimed short story writer Robert Boone aboard!

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Jim Hickman

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