Friday, April 12, 2019

Free Kicks, Episode 35

EP35: Adam and Rick discuss the FA Cup semis, take a FA Cup quiz, and do a quick preview of the U.S. Women’s National Team chances of winning this summer’s World Cup.

Listen to it here.

Rick on the Radio

Gotta say...this book is a giant hit already. I'm in shock. Biggest pre-sales we've ever had.

You can listen to the interview here.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Lookee Here

The most exciting thing about being a publisher is the moment you give the author the very first copy of their book. Today that author was me...and the book took me 10 years to write. “Everycubever” is now available for pre-order at I’ll be on Steve Cochran’s show tomorrow morning hyping it. (9:15am on WGN radio)

Mitch in Westmont

Don't forget to come out and meet Eckhartz Press author Mitch Michaels Saturday (April 13) at Blue Village Vinyl in Westmont. He'll be there signing and selling copies of his book "Doin The Cruise" from 2-3:30. It's the perfect place for music fans to meet the rock and roll radio icon!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Rick on TV

Thanks to Jon Hansen for having me on Now Chicago. We taped the episode this morning and it will air this weekend on WCIU-TV (and a few other stations). We had a great time talking about the Cubs. My only complaint? I asked them to provide a 300-pound person to sit or stand next to me to make me look thinner, and they declined.

Remember, the camera adds 40 pounds.

I will post a link when it's up on their website.

Completely Unchanged

The first photo is at Dave's wedding in 1991. The second one is last weekend at his daughter's Baht Mitzvah...

Rick leaves the house

Newsflash: The everycubever publicity tour begins today. I'm being interviewed by Jon Hansen at WCIU-TV this morning, and will be on Steve Cochran's show on WGN Radio on Friday morning. Lots more to come. Thanks to everyone for their interest. I have agreed to leave my house multiple times over the next few weeks.

Another Cubs PR Debacle

The Cubs explained that this sign was from the '40s and they were just showing how far society has come in that time, but c'mon gang. There are quite a few women working in the press box these days. Did you really think they would find it quaint and endearing?

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

"everycubever" available for pre-order now!

A book ten years in the making…“everycubever” is now available for pre-order. It will ship on May 1st.

What will you find in the pages of everycubever?

*Mini-bios of every player who ever wore the uniform between 1871-2018 plus bonus bios of Cubs managers, owners, broadcasters and more.

*Stories about Cubs who served in every war since the Civil War.

*Notes about players who were wearing the Cubs uniform on days of historical significance.

*Stories of Cubs who achieved greatness and heroism off the field, including those who became movie stars, titans of industry, life savers, and even a few who served in political office.

*Stories of those who received unwanted notoriety, including shooting victims, murderers, kidnappers, racists, burglars, thieves, and political criminals.

*Tragic tales, uplifting tales, and hilarious baseball stories.

*Spotlights on everyone from Hall of Famers to the guys who made it to the big leagues for just one cup of coffee.

Compiled over the last decade by the editor-in-chief of the website Just One Bad Century ( , this is the most Cubrehensive look ever at the men who wore Cubbie Blue. Author Rick Kaempfer has been a Cubs fan since 1968 and has seen hundreds of games at Wrigley Field, but has lived an otherwise normal and relatively defensible life.

Monday, April 08, 2019

Mick on the Mend

I have tickets for their Chicagio concert. I hope they eventually do make the rounds again. Sounds like Mick is recovering...

Trump Skips Correspondent's Dinner again

President Trump, the man with the thinnest skin in America, is skipping the White House Correspondent's dinner again this year. He's going to hold a rally instead.

The bully cannot take a punch.

Minutia Men, Episode 129

EP129: Rick and Dave discuss a girl scout cookie caper, Rick’s one-man show about a chicken purchase, odd potato chip flavors, Every Cub Ever, Rick’s brush with Maureen McCormick, and they interview actress Michele Hutchison from the film Fargo.

Listen to it here.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Cubsessions 2019 Edition

The Cubs are more than just a baseball team to those who root for them. From the heartaches of 1969 and 2003 to the pure joy of 2016, emotional ties bind fans of Chicago’s North Side ball club. Throughout the 2017 season, writers and die-hard Cub fans Becky Sarwate and Randy Richardson interviewed a diverse collection of some of the team’s most famous fans: actors, comedians, broadcasters, musicians, restauranteurs, athletes, journalists. Even those who are ubiquitous precisely because of their fandom. Cubsessions tells the story of divergent life paths – the roads taken, the failures experienced, and the successes reached – and how those paths all come together for a collective passion. Bob Newhart, Pat Brickhouse, Dennis Franz, Joe Mantegna, Scott Turow, Bill Kurtis, and many others, share just what it means to bleed Cubbie blue.

This past 2018 season they continued interviewing others, and those seven new interviews have been added to last year's version of the book--and we now have a brand new 2019 edition!

The authors have partnered with and are donating 100 percent of their proceeds from book sales to a collection of two charities: Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities (CBCC) and Club 400. Both are federally-registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charitable organizations.

Get your copy today!

Meet Mitch Michaels

Meet Eckhartz Press author Mitch Michaels Saturday (April 13) at Blue Village Vinyl in Westmont. He'll be there signing and selling copies of his book "Doin The Cruise" from 2-3:30. It's the perfect place for music fans to meet the rock and roll radio icon! Look at all of these records (at this link)!