Friday, July 10, 2020

Inside for Indies

Note: this was before I got my pandemic haircut. :) Also, listen to Mr. Garner on Sunday night on WGN Radio. He'll be on with Rick Kogan (7:30) to discuss our campaign for Indies. Jim is a great spokesperson for this cause.


Free Kicks--The Relegation Zone

Adam and Rick discuss the teams in danger of dropping down to the lower league, and pick who they think will survive to play another Premier League season.

Listen to it here.

Carl Reiner by Steve Martin

I've read all the obits of my comedy writing hero Carl Reiner, but this one actually made me cry. It's written by Steve Martin.

Read it here.

Thursday, July 09, 2020

All you need to know about Tucker Carlson

This is a real quote...

"President Trump! You have one last chance to turn the tables, win this election and save America -- and yourself ! Nominate Tucker Carlson for Vice President. This would energize your campaign beyond belief."
--Former KKK Leader David Duke, July 8, 2020

Bob Stroud

Congrats to my old pal Bob Stroud, who is on the list of possible Radio Hall of Famers. He deserves it. From Robert Feder's column today...

Bob Stroud, one of Chicago radio’s most knowledgable and respected authorities on rock music for 40 years, has been nominated for induction in the Radio Hall of Fame. The top-rated midday star and host of the long-running “Rock ’n Roll Roots” on Hubbard Radio classic WDRV 97.1-FM is one of 24 nominees in six categories announced today. Chicago’s only other nominee is “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!,” the NPR comedy-quiz show produced by Chicago Public Media WBEZ 91.5-FM. Winners will be announced August 17. In lieu of an awards dinner this year, the 2020 induction ceremony will be a live radio broadcast from multiple locations in October. The Radio Hall of Fame is based at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications.

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview--Jack McDowell

This week's Minutia Men Celebrity Interview is with former Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell. He tells a great story about how Carlton Fisk reacts when it appears the team plane is going to crash.

You can listen to it here.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Best Day Ever

My favorite day ever as a soccer fan occured six years ago today...

Chicago Radio Ratings

Courtesy of Robert Feder. To see the day-part breakdowns, click here.

1. WBBM 780-AM/WCFS 105.9-FM all news, 6.9 (7.0)
2. WDRV 97.1-FM classic rock, 6.4 (6.4)
3. WVAZ 102.7-FM R&B, 5.6 (5.2)
4. WLIT 93.9-FM adult contemporary, 5.5 (5.2)
5. WLS 94.7-FM classic hits, 5.2 (4.6)
6. WTMX 101.9-FM hot adult contemporary, 4.8 (4.9)
7. WGN 720-AM news talk, 4.5 (5.2)
8. WXRT 93.1-FM adult album alternative, 3.9 (3.9)
9. (tie) WBEZ 91.5-FM public radio news talk, 3.8 (4.7); WOJO 105.1-FM Mexican regional, 3.8 (3.2)
11. WKSC 103.5-FM Top 40, 3.3 (2.7)
12. WRME 87.7-FM soft rock oldies, 3.0 (2.5)
13. (tie) WGCI 107.5-FM hip-hop, 2.8 (2.6); WKQX 101.1-FM alternative rock, 2.8 (2.5)
15. (tie) WUSN 99.5-FM country, 2.5 (2.4); WLEY 107.9-FM Mexican regional, 2.5 (2.8)
17. WSHE 100.3-FM adult contemporary, 2.3 (2.3)
18. WBMX 104.3-FM classic hip hop, 2.2 (2.2)
19. (tie) WBBM 96.3-FM Top 40, 2.0 (2.1); WLS 890-AM news talk, 2.0 (2.1); WPPN 106.7-FM Spanish adult contemporary, 2.0 (1.8)
22. WEBG 95.5-FM country, 1.7 (1.5)
23. WPWX 92.3-FM urban contemporary, 1.6 (1.6)
24. WSCR 670-AM sports talk, 1.5 (2.1)
25. WCKL 97.9-FM contemporary Christian music, 1.3 (1.3)
26. WVIV 93.5-FM Spanish contemporary, 1.2 (1.0)
27. WMVP 1000-AM sports talk, 0.8 (1.2)
28. WSRB 106.3-FM urban adult contemporary, 0.7 (0.6)
29. WFMT 98.7-FM classical 0.6 (1.2)
30. (tie) WDCB 90.9-FM jazz, blues 0.5 (0.5); WERV 95.9-FM classic hits, 0.5 (0.4); WZSR 105.5-FM hot adult-contemporary, 0.5 (0.4)

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Ringo is 80

Happy birthday Ringo! He turns 80 years old today.

This autograph is a collector's item because he doesn't sign them anymore. Yes, it's an album from the Loop album library. I needed something for him to sign when he came to the station to record a national call-in show. Don't worry, former Loop management. I replaced the album with a brand new Blast From Your Past.

Baseball Schedule

Looks like there really will be a baseball season. The schedule was released yesterday.

Best part for the Cubs? Seven of the 10 games versus the Cardinals will be held at Wrigley. Same with the Brewers.

Not that homefield matters that much when there aren't any fans.

Monday, July 06, 2020

Not a dog whistle

It's an air raid siren.

RIP Charlie Daniels

He passed away today at the age of 83. Never met him. Saw him in concert twice. First heard him on American Top 40 while driving through Italy on AFN Radio in the late 70s. This song was unlike anything I had ever heard before, and it made a big impression on me...

Barry Butler

Billy Jurges

July 6, 1932

Cubs shortstop Billy Jurges had a day he would have loved to forget. He was known as a fiery, ill-tempered, good fielding, weak-hitting shortstop for the Cubs, but he was also one of the team leaders during the best decade of the Cubs bad century (they were in the World Series in ’32, ’35, and ’38).

But for all of his on-the-field hijinks, Billy Jurges will always be remembered for what happened off-the-field on July 6, 1932.

He was living at the Hotel Carlos at 3834 N. Sheffield Ave (now known as the Sheffield House Hotel), and so was a girl he had “seen” a few times–Violet Valli. She called Jurges on the telephone, and asked if she could see him. Before leaving her room, she wrote a suicide note saying that she was sorry for killing Billy Jurges and herself, but she had no choice because their “beautiful love had been broken up” by his teammates Kiki Cuyler and Lew Steadman. Jurges later said he had no idea what she meant by that.

Jurges let Violet into his room, but when he saw she had a gun, he grabbed at it and took a bullet in the hand and another through the ribs. Despite the injuries, he managed to get the gun away from her, and prevented her from killing herself. Then, after he recovered from the shooting, he refused to testify against her in court. The case was dismissed.

Valli used her notoriety as part of her act (she was a dancer), and signed a twenty-two week contract to sing in local nightclubs and theatres. She was billed as “Violet (What I did for love) Valli, the Most Talked About Girl In Chicago.”

Amazingly, Jurges wasn’t hurt too seriously. He returned to the Cubs before the end of the season, and hit .364 in the World Series against the Yankees.

Minutia Men--The Lost Episode

Dave and I took the weekend off from Minutia Men, but we did do an interview late last year that never saw the light of day. Our producer Tony Lossano unearthed it, and posted it this weekend. It features an interview with Field of Dreams star Dwyer Brown.

Listen to it here.

Rick on WGN

This is the interview I did with Phil Manicki on WGN Radio Friday night.

Thanks so much to Phil for having me on.

Back to You

I know the guests on this show quite well...