Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cubs Through History

The three major contenders for the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention 1932 (held at the Chicago Stadium from June 27 – July 2, 1932) were Franklin Roosevelt (Gov of NY), Speaker of the House John Nance Garner and former governor of New York and 1928 presidential candidate, Al Smith. Smith was the machine candidate. The NY Democratic machine (Tammany Hall) and the Chicago Democratic machine (run by Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak) were firmly behind the man who lost to Herbert Hoover in 1928. Cermak made sure the Stadium was packed with Al Smith supporters. Roosevelt had the support of influential Senators like Burton Wheeler, Cordell Hull, Alben Barkley, and Huey Long, who held the Deep South for Roosevelt. Roosevelt also had the western progressives, ethnic minorities, rural farmers, and intellectuals; none of which had previously been Democratic voters. Garner had newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst behind him. Roosevelt didn’t win the 2/3 majority until Joseph P. Kennedy (father of John) convinced Hearst to get Garner to drop out and urge his supporters to go with Roosevelt. When that happened, Roosevelt won the nomination handily.

A significant decision was made by the National League while the nation’s Democrats were slugging it out at the Chicago Stadium. The league passed a rule requiring all teams to wear uniforms with numbers.

During the convention, these new Cubs uniforms (left) made their debut.

The 1932 Cubs were a powerhouse on their way to the pennant, and now they could be identified more easily by the fans.

These are the original numbers passed out that day…

1–Woody English (3B)
2–Billy Herman (2B)
3–Kiki Cuyler (OF)
4–Riggs Stephenson (OF)
5–Johnny Moore (OF)
6–Charlie Grimm (1B/manager)
7–Gabby Hartnett (C)
8–Rollie Hemsley (C)
9–Mark Koenig (SS)
11–Billy Jurges (SS)
12–Charlie Root (SP)
14–Guy Bush (SP)
15–Pat Malone (SP)
16–Burleigh Grimes (SP)
17–Lon Warneke (SP)
18–Bob Smith (RP)
19–Harry Taylor (1B)
21–Bud Tinning (RP)
22–Marv Gudat (RP)
23–Leroy Herman (RP)
27–Bobo Newsom (RP)
31–Stan Hack (3B)
34–Zach Taylor (C)
41–Red Corriden (coach)
42–Charley O’Leary (coach)
49–Vince Barton (OF)
51–Frank Demaree (OF)
56–Lance Richbourg (OF)

The numbers on the backs of uniforms remain to this day, although it should be noted that many of the players on this list eventually took different numbers in later seasons. With their new uniforms, the Cubs played a three game series against the Reds at Wrigley Field, winning the first two and losing the third. Guy Bush (#14) and Lon Warneke (#17) won, and Charlie Root (#12) took the loss. They were in first place as the Democrats left town, and they would go on to win the National League pennant, before losing to Babe Ruth’s Yankees in four straight.

Another great one

One-Upped Again

Barry Butler nailed this one...

Amazing Sunset

The sky was amazing over the Chicagoland area last night, so I went out and snapped a few pics outside my house. Here they are...

Friday, June 26, 2020

Cubs through history

#Cubs through history: June 26, 1963. President Kennedy gives a speech at the Berlin Wall, and says “Ich Bin Ein Berliner!” The Cubs take the lead in the top of the 14th inning against the Mets on a 2-run homer by Billy Williams, only to lose it in the bottom of the 14th in NY.

8th anniversary

100 Reasons

The Bulwark has compiled a handy list of 100 resaons why Trump is unfit to be president.

It's in chronological order. You've probably forgotten 50 of them. And they are all disqualifying.

Now do Biden. Come up with a hundred of the worst things ever said about him, and compare.

This is not a difficult choice, even if you hate both of them. it's the easiest choice in the history of this country.

The Chicks

The Dixie Chicks have removed the word "Dixie" from their name. In the book "Records Truly Is My Middle Name" John Landecker and I wrote about the day the Dixie Chicks almost ended our radio careers. If you'd like to read it, that story is here.

Sunrise in Chicago

One of the things I love the most about Barry Butler is that he'll get up early and capture the sunrise. If you need sunset photos, I'm happy to oblige. Sunrise? Not a chance.

Damning Graph

Chris Wallace started in Chicago?

I had no idea about this part of Chris Wallace's career. (His Dad also got his start in Chicago). From Robert Feder's column today...

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace reminisced the other day about his first TV job — as a reporter at CBS 2 in 1973. “I’m still trying to live that down,” the Chicago native joked in an interview with Bob Sirott on WGN 720-AM. (Here is the link.) “I’d worked for the Boston Globe for four years, and I came to Chicago and it was when the Channel 2 newsroom started and the anchors were Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson, Brent Musburger was the sports reporter, I was a fledgling but I was the political reporter. And I have to tell you: I knew then that was a really special group. I’m sure a lot of people would remember some of these names — John Callaway, John ‘Bulldog’ Drummond, a bunch of others. It was a really good newsroom, and we were very proud of ourselves.”

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Free Kicks--Smack Barm Pey Wet

Adam and Rick discuss the latest Premier League scores and news, and explain an inexplicable English culinary tradition called Smack Barm Pey Wet. It’s as good as it sounds. [Ep73]

Listen to it here.

The Winning Message

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Minutia Men Celebrity Interview--Carmen Fanzone

This week's Minutia Men Celebrity interview is with former Chicago Cub Carmen Fanzone. Fun chat with a man who wore #23 before Ryne Sandberg.

Listen to it here.

White House Correspondent's Dinner Canceled

This event has been a non-event during the Trump years because the little boy can't handle a little criticism, so it's probably not a big deal that it was canceled.

Details are here.

Baseball will finally return!

Looks like July 23-24 is the start up.

DH in NL, extra-innings start with runner on 2nd, mega-division with 10 midwest teams including White Sox, 60 game schedule. All of that is a little weird. But I'm still happy Cubs will be back soon.

All the details are here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Ryne Sandberg Game

36 years ago today...

Phase 4 Sunrise

The Lakefront is now open. A view I would have never seen. Thanks to Barry Butler for getting up at sunrise and capturing it. Amazing.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Playing with his head

These ads are not for the voters. These ads are strictly to mess with Donald's fragile ego. I don't think it would work on any other president in history, but it will definitely get into the head of this guy...

COVID strikes

Former US Mens National Team (soccer) player Ken Snow, a former teammate of my brother at Green White Soccer Club, has passed away at the age of 50. Details are here.

Comedian DL Hughley passed out on stage in Nashville, and has tested positive for the virus. He is currently quarantined.

This virus is not going away, folks.

Minutia Men--God Friended Us and a Galapagos Turtle

This week's episode of Minutia Men includes an interview with "God Friended Me" writer/producer Steve Harper (@yourcreatvlife ). He offers his thoughtful insights into the #BLMprotests. Smart guy. Classes up the podcast.

Listen to it here.