Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Out of the Office

Taking a few days off to spend some quality time with the wife.

Celebrating 25 years of marriage.

Back in the office on Monday.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Mark Gelinas

Who is Mark Gelinas? He's this incredible guy, fighting the battle of his life...

Eckhartz Press is proud to team up with Mark to tell the story of his inspiring struggle. Mark got the first copy of his book "Gel Strong" in the mail the other day. Great to see a big smile on his face. We're going to print with the rest of the books as we speak.


The book is available for pre-order right now, and it will ship the last weekend of November--in plenty of time for Christmas. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Winship Cancer Institute of Emory Healthcare in Atlanta. GA, to support their ongoing research in an effort to win the battle over cancer, specifically pancreatic cancer.

Those impressive professionals are the heroes of this book.

It's a remarkably inspiring book and we are honored to be able to help spread the word.

Another Soccer Banquet

Congrats to Schwaben AC for their 90th anniversary. I attended the banquet this past weekend--it was in the same location as my wedding reception almost exactly 25 years ago. Two of the people in this photo (Joe Filian top row third from left) and Rudi Mayer (bottom row, left) were professional soccer players. Rudi will be inducted into the Illinois Soccer Hall of Fame next Saturday night. I'll be there that night too. Another excuse to wear my green blazer.

Attention Illinois Drivers

Another Kaempfer has a driver's license. Consider yourself warned.

Bobby Skafish in Des Plaines

Had a nice time with Bobby Skafish and the people who came out to our book signing in Des Plaines yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came out. Still have two more signings in November, one on the NW Side of Chicago and one in NW Indiana. Details to come!

The Simpsons Sets a Record

"Excellent," says Mr. Burns.

Fox has announced that the Simpsons have been renewed for two more seasons (season 29 & 30!). That means that Homer and company will set a record for most episodes of an episodic television series ever (breaking Gunsmoke's record).

The Hollywood Reporter has the news.

Fox News Steps In It

If you've tuned out of the election like I have (thank you Cubs), you may have missed this story last week. Fox News anchor Brett Baier, one of the actual journalists on the station, reported that Hillary was facing an imminent indictment.

Only one problem with that. It wasn't true. Not even close.

He reported this bombshell given to him by one anonymous source (I'm guessing it rhymes with Muliani) as fact, and of course, the Trump campaign rolled with it. Even after it was proven false by actual reporting, Trump continued to say it. His spokesperson Kellyanne Conway said it didn't matter if he continued to say it or not, because "the damage has already been done."

That's like walking in on a stabbing taking place, and asking the person to stop stabbing, and the stabber calmly replies "Don't worry, I'm sure he's already dead" as he continues to stab.

Baier, to his credit, has retracted the story and apologized.

Trump will never do either.


From the Washington Post this morning...

Cubs SNL Appearance

I'll spare you the video of the bit of them pretending to be chippendale dancers. This was the highlight of their appearance on SNL this weekend...

Never thought I'd see this