Friday, May 09, 2014

What Do Moms Really Want for Mother's Day?

Some very good (and realistic) requests...

Sound of Music, Then & Now

The entire "family"...

Just One Bad Century--May 9

I went to the game last night. Thanks so much to WGN's Rich King for letting us use his seats. Here are a few pictures from those seats, including Castro and Rizzo being congratulated after their homers...

I noticed a few things watching the game last night from such close proximity. Rizzo watches the pitchers like a hawk. Whenever a new pitcher is warming up, he comes out and takes a look at their warm up pitches. When he's in the on-deck circle he's mentally timing every pitch. Very impressive. Also, Mike Olt has a very quick bat. On the pitch before his grand slam, he was early on a 97 MPH fastball. I wouldn't give up on that guy.

Today in Wrigley history goes back to a 1963 two-hitter, and a 1967 game when a Hall of Famer went 5 for 5.

Today's Historical Event is the day the Beatles were finally pushed out of the #1 spot in 1964. Louis Armstrong did it. Also, the bonus full-length write up is about the birth of former Chicago mayor and Cubs fan Anton Cermak. Where were the Cubs?

Today's Cubs birthdays include a man who was shot by a crazed fan (a real character) and a man who had been traded for a horse.

In the cup is half full department, Kris Bryant is tearing up the minor leagues.

Closing Arguments in Hacking Trial

Former News of the World editors Rebekkah Brooks and Andy Coulson have been on trial in England for hacking people's phones. I've been following this trial closely for the past few months, and it looks like it will be over soon. I think the prosecutor explained the situation to the jury perfectly when he said: "What you have to decide is whether these one or two people above knew of that rotten state of affairs, which permeated the organization they were supposed to be running; or perhaps they never noticed?"

The rotten state of affairs refers to the hacking, which isn't even in question. There is a truckload of evidence of that, and multiple people have plead guilty and confessed.

The question is whether or not their bosses knew about it. What do you think?

Patty Martin

The program director of the Drive, Patty Martin, announced she was leaving her position to help care for her ailing husband (who is getting a kidney transplant).

Robert Feder has the story, including the memo Patty sent her staff.

I interviewed Patty for Chicago Radio Spotlight a few years ago. She has some great radio stories.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday. Taking Johnny (age 3) into our recording studio to record a birthday message to his mom, 2001. It's a precious audio memory--Bridget and I both have it on our iPods. Just found the photo this morning...

Today's Best Tweets--May 8

Here are some tweets that caught my eye today...

HuffPost Chicago ‏@HuffPostChicago 1m
We can't remember the last time we had a morning this gorgeous, Chicago. Go outside! Now!

Elizabeth Grattan ‏@egrattan 4m
Toddler underwear ought to come with a bottle of vodka for mom. #cantwejustusenewspaper

670 The Score ‏@670TheScore 5m
ICYMI Cubs ace Samardzija states belief that his pitch counts aren't a front office matter, writes @MLBBruceLevine:

Bruce Miles ‏@BruceMiles2112 5m
Ten games under .500 and heading downward for #Cubs.

Chet Coppock ‏@ChetCoppock 10m
#ESPN has now had 4,232 hours of #NFLDraft coverage. is there anything you don't know about johnny Manziel. #NFL@@Hollywood_Yates

EJ Dionne ‏@EJDionne 13m
In political cases, does the Supreme Court have different standards for the rich and poor? Important @Edsall piece …

BobVorwald ‏@BobVorwald 17m
Hard to imagine a worse use of radio airtime than those Boomer Esiason commentaries on the Score.

jamesvanosdol ‏@jamesvanosdol 1h
What if Doug Sohn is walking away from Hot Doug's so he can ... BUY PORTILLO'S?

Rolling Stone ‏@RollingStone 25m
Robert Plant and Jimmy Page's most incredible quotes ever on the aborted Led Zeppelin reunion tour:

Forrest Wickman ‏@ForrestW 33m
"He was the first dog ever given rank in the U.S. Army." The story of Sergeant Stubby: …

40 Reasons Why Local News is the Best News

Love this. Here's the article on Buzzfeed.

Here's a small example...

Inspired Sign

I'm guessing this one is a custom job. Thanks to "SH" for this one...

How Many of These 80s Album Covers Do You Recognize?

There are 15 of them.

I only got 9 right, but in my defense, this is a pretty British list.

Take the Quiz here.

Just One Bad Century--May 8

I have tickets for tonight's game. I will be sitting in a sea of brooms. Remind me again what inspired our wonderful logo, which by the way can be purchased on a t-shirt. Simply click here to shop our store. There's something comforting about expressing your feelings without saying a word.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey, what about your cup-is-half-full New Years resolution?"

OK, well, how about this? Did you know a Cubs minor leaguer pitched a no-hitter yesterday? Read about it here, but stop reading the article when it gets to the part about the pitcher the Cubs were hoping to draft in the first round a few weeks from now. (Spoiler alert: Reconstructive Arm Surgery). And don't read about Pedro Strop either. I'm sure his groin injury isn't serious.


Today in Wrigley History we go back to the year I was born (1963), a day that Cubs pitcher Bob Buhl will never forget. Also, there's an Andre Dawson highlight from 1990.

A whole new batch of Historical Events have been posted as well. Today's historical event is the birth of Harry Truman. Where were the Cubs?

It's not a popular day for Cubs players to be born. Only two of them are featured at Today's Cubs Birthdays: The very first National League batting champion, and a player who played exactly one game for the Cubs in 1912.

Today is the anniversary of the Cubs trading Joe Pepitone. Watch him and some of his fellow Cubs from that era in an 8mm home movie at today's A/V Club.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

17 Channels is Our Limit

According to this article in the Wall Street Journal (which quotes Nielson), the average home in America gets 189 television channels.

But they only watch 17 channels...the exact same number as they watched in 2008.

Sounds about right. I watch news, sports, and late night comedy. Bridget watches HGTV, the Food Network, and the Learning Channel. Sean watches Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. And Tommy & Johnny don't watch television at all. (But they sure do log in some YouTube time)

One for the Older Folks

If you don't get it, don't worry about it. Just let us old folks have our little moment. Thanks for this one, "LA"...

Celebrity Curse Off

Sally Field versus Julia Roberts...

(I don't want to tell Jimmy how to produce his show, but I want Florence Henderson versus Julie Andrews next time)

NYC Book Club Goes Topless 'To Make Reading Sexy,'

I've been to many book clubs to discuss my various books, but none of them were like this one. (NSFW--actual photos)

I don't think I'd feel comfortable anyway.

"Um, so I came up with the character when I am I sweating here, when you are clearly very cold?"

Today on JOBC (May 7)

I was watching the Blackhawks game last night instead of the Cubs, but when the Wild scored two goals, I switched over just in time to see the collapse. I have a tip for those of you who are trying to win our $1908 cash giveaway by guessing the exact day the Cubs win it all. If you chose a day in 2014, you ain't gonna win it.

We posted a new batch of "This Week in Wrigley History" stories this morning. Today's entry goes back to 1934 and 1992. The A/V Club features the star of that 1934 game.

Today's Historical Event is the sinking of the Luisitania. Where were the Cubs?

Today's Cubs birthdays include a member of the first Cubs team to play in Wrigley Field, a man nicknamed Tub, plus cups of coffee from the 1890s, 1920s, and 1960s.

In the cup is half full department, this might be the next Cubs star to make it up to the big leagues. It's not one of the four studs we've been hearing about for the past few years.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Ten Most Technically Amazing Beatles Songs put this list together. By my count there are two Paul songs, six John songs, (not sure about Revolution #9), and this one by George, which was rated #1 on their list.

OK, Now I'm Really Not Eating at McDonald's Again

If you love McDonald's, don't read this article.

If you feel like crap after you eat at McDonalds, find out why.

I confess to an occasional "geez we've got fifteen minutes to eat between soccer practice and guitar lessons" burger or nuggets. That's going to end.

Look Up

Agree with sentiments here...

Just One Bad Century--May 6

Jeff Sarardzija did his job last night. The rest of the team not so much. It hurts to lose to those guys...even when the games don't mean anything.

Today in Wrigley history we spotlight 1998...Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout game. I was there and provide my eye-witness account. The A/V Club goes one step further--every strikeout on one video. I recently met Kerry Wood at WGN Radio when I was over there for an interview and told him I attended his 20 strikeout game. He looked at me with a "Sure you did" expression on his face. He apparently hears that a lot, but remembers there weren't many fans there. Well I was one of 'em, doggone it, even if Kerry doesn't believe me.

This Week in 1908 has also been posted. How long ago was 1908? This is the week we celebrated our first official Mother's Day.

Today's historical event is the explosion of the Hindenberg. Oh, the humanity. Where were the Cubs?

Today's Cubs birthdays include a 20-game winner from the 1969 Cubs, and two teammates from the 1964 Cubs.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Today's Best Tweets--May 5

Here are some tweets that caught my eye today...

WGNMorningNews ‏@WGNMorningNews 4m
Can Mexican Batman (Adam West era) save the day on Cinco De Mayo? #funny

daveweigel ‏@daveweigel 8m
Obamacare kills jobs RT @TPM: Report: Michelle Obama's brother has been fired as Oregon State basketball coach

Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs 12m
Not only did #Bears bring Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller in for pre-draft visit, I am told team put him through workout on campus.

People magazine ‏@peoplemag 23m
Ben Affleck had to have been "blatant about card counting," says legendary card-counter Jeff Ma

Deadspin ‏@Deadspin 29m
The time Bill Murray tried to choke a "medium-talent" comedian:

James Finn Garner ‏@jamesfinngarner 26m
Corey Kluber
Had mastery uber
His slider and sinker,
But then the Tribe bullpen served up a stinker.

Talking Points Memo ‏@TPM 5m
Fox News has mentioned Benghazi over 1,100 times in the past year

Robert Feder ‏@RobertFeder 1m
This just in: Joan Esposito joins @WBEZ as part-time anchor:

670 The Score ‏@670TheScore 11m
Bears O-lineman Kyle Long is never too big or old to hang out at Chuck E. Cheese's:

Michael Ian Black ‏@michaelianblack 22m
Happy One Day a Year When Mexicans Are A Cause For Celebration Instead of a Baseless Source of Fear-Mongering!

Norm MacDonald moth joke

I love this joke...

35 Dad Jokes

We're such an easy target.

But I admit that some of these are pretty funny.

Media Spotlight (May 5)

My media focus this year will be on some of my favorite subjects...the moguls, the pundits, the broadcast news biz, show business, radio, and the publishing business. (Read "$everance" if you want a crystallization of my positions on those subjects.) And, of course, I'll also keep tabs on Chicago's media.

Chicago Media

~RIP Wild Bill Scott
The former Loop and WMETer passed away over the weekend. Radio Online has the story.

The Moguls

~Jeffrey Katzenberg's advice: "Don't Follow Your Passion"
It sounds worse than it is. He's not actually telling people to avoid their passions. Instead he's telling people to follow their skills. That's actually very practical advice from the Dreamworks mogul. It's the kind of thing every parent advises their children.

~Rupert Attends Kentucky Derby with Rand Paul
Everyone needs to kiss the ring if they expect the full propoganda support of Fox News. The New York Times has the story.


~The NAB is Ready for Battle Over Shared-Service Agreements
The National Association of Broadcasters is very upset about F.C.C. Chairman Wheeler's pronouncement/warning that shared-service agreements are going to be closely scrutinized. Radio and television station owners are very upste about this because they thought they had found a perfectly legal loophole to completely disregard the actual purpose of the law. Tom Taylor explains their battle plans...
Now the NAB basically gives the Commission a cease-and-desist order, says Harry Jessell at TVNewsCheck. The deadline is May 8 and NAB boss Gordon Smith is wisely not spelling out his threat. Would the association haul the Commission into court? The options seem to be open-ended – and course the TV members love the tough stance. The NAB’s letter, no doubt drafted very carefully, says the FCC is “fatally premature” in trying to regulate shared services agreements. Harry Jessell has a modest proposal to weaken Chairman Wheeler – “The NAB hires Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and puts her in to work on ownership policy. It gives her a three-year contract at, let’s say, $500,000 per year. For $1.5 million, it strips Wheeler of his third Democratic vote and his ability to do whatever he pleases.” Sound far-fetched? That’s the level of war-game planning the TV industry has now reached.
I love to watch billionaires react when someone tells them they can't have their way. It's very similar to a five year old's tantrum, except instead of throwing toys, they are throwing money. And instead of threatening to run away from home, they are telling you they know where you live...if you know what I mean.

The Press

~The White House Correspondent's Dinner
There's always a lot of hang-wringing about this event because some people believe this shows too much coziness between the press and the White House. They may be too cozy, but it's not because of this event. Get a sense of humor. Here are some video highlights...


~Nick Offerman interview
The Parks & Recreation star is a great interview, and this one in Gothamist is no exception. I don't just love the guy because he's a fellow U of I person, or because of his midwestern roots. I love him because of his fearlessness. This is what he told Gothamist about the difference between Chicago pizza and New York pizza...
"What passes for pizza in NY should be dried and folded into boxes in which the vastly superior Chicago pies might be delivered."
The whole interview is worth a read.

Just One Bad Century--May 5

The Cubs won their first series of the year over the weekend, and the victim was the Cardinals. Next up: The White Sox. The schedule for the Cubs actually looks pretty tough over the next few weeks. So buckle up.

This Week in 1945 was posted over the weekend. It was a HUGE week in 1945--V.E Day (Victory over Europe). We give you the Tribune headlines, tell you where the Cubs were, and even throw in a bonus video of Hermann Goering after he was captured.

Today's Cubs birthdays also have a 1945 flavor. The last surviving member of the 1945 Cubs, Lennie Merullo, is celebrating a birthday today. That's why we're also featuring video of the 1945 World Series in the A/V Club.

Today's historical event is the Allies ending their occupation of Germany (10 years after the war ended). Where were the Cubs?

And Today in Wrigley history goes back to a very memorable game in 1950. It involves a chunk of chew, and a player who spewed.