Friday, April 03, 2020

Fox News Kills

RIP Bill Withers

Lost another one. Loved Bill Withers. He passed away this week (March 30) at the age of 81.

Radio Bloodbath

Last week it was iHeart Radio that laid off a percentage of their workforce. This week it's Entercomm. I'm personally skeptical of the reasoning here. I'm still hearing commercials on the radio. This sounds like an excuse to do something every radio company wants to do (cut jobs and save money) but doesn't do because of public outcry. This is done under the cover of CoronoVirus. From Robert Feder's column today...

At least eight on-air personalities and one program director were among dozens of staffers cut at Entercom Chicago radio stations Thursday. They included Elk Grove Village native Diana Steele, midday host at classic hip-hop WBMX 104.3-FM; Mike Kasper, afternoon host at country WUSN 99.5-FM; and Eric Tyler, afternoon host at Top 40 WBBM 96.3-FM. Sports/talk WSCR 670-AM took the biggest hit, losing midday co-host Connor McKnight, evening and weekend host Julie DiCaro, reporter David Schuster, producer and podcast host Rick Camp and freelance weekend host Maggie Hendricks. Also laid off was Kenny Jay, program director of US99. Many more positions in sales, promotions, digital and other areas also were eliminated or furloughed, sources said. Employees making more than $50,000 were given pay cuts of 10 to 20 percent. Entercom CEO David Field, who had his own salary reduced 30 percent, cited the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on advertising revenues. “We must take hard but necessary actions to ensure that we endure the crisis and emerge as a strong, healthy and competitive company,” Field said. “I am deeply saddened that we need to make these painful moves at this time, but they are necessary under the circumstances.”

Free HBO Streaming

HBO is offering free streaming of many shows, nearly 500 hours of programming.

I get HBO, but I still might stream this to get Succession. I've been meaning to watch that, and for some reason, it's not on HBO On Demand.

Those Were the Days

My latest contribution to Illinois Entertainer, an interview with "Those Were The Days" host Steve Darnall.

You can read it here.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Free Kicks--What's Happening Off the Pitch

Adam and Rick update the latest news about league closures, including Champions League, Premier League, and European Cup. [Ep65]

Listen to it here.

Ed Farmer

Jeepers. Missed this last night. Another one is gone. They are dropping like flies now. Sad to hear the news...

Adam Schlessinger

Heartbroken by this news: Adam Schlessinger passed away yesterday.

He was an incredibly talented songwriter. I met him in the mid-90s when the movie "That Thing You Do" (starring Tom Hanks) came out. Adam wrote that theme song, and was recognized with an Academy Award nomination. I love that movie so much, and if you've seen it, you know the entire concept of the film falls apart without that song. It had to be a song that sounded like a hit record from the 1960s. That wasn't so easy to write in the 1990s, but Adam did it. Here's the song...

At the time he was also in a band called Fountains of Wayne. I had never heard of the band, but they were playing at the Metro in Chicago, and that's how I got Adam on the show. At the time he lived in New York and I called information (remember that?) and sure enough, he was listed. So, he came into the studio at the Landecker show and spent a half hour with us. He was not a morning person. It was funny how much he wasn't a morning person. During the commercials he put his head on the counter and slept.

But...I bought his band's CD and it contained this incredible song...

I was hooked. I later bought every single thing they created, and there isn't a bad song among them. I have all their albums. It's a tragedy that they only had one hit, and it was this one...

It won a Grammy. Adam also played in a few other groups during the years, including the band Tinted Windows. Again, he wrote their songs, like this one...

I was impatiently waiting for a Fountains of Wayne reunion the past five or six years, but Adam wasn't just sitting around. He was working on the show Crazy Ex-Girlfirend. He won an Emmy for writing this song...

He also worked on Broadway. He wrote the theme song for the Tony Awards one year...

When he died Adam was working on the musical for The Nanny.

I saw the Fountains of Wayne perform once at Space in Evanston (thanks to my friend JoMarie who scored me a ticket). It was a great show and I was thrilled to see it, but Adam wasn't exactly a showman on stage. That wasn't his thing. He didn't take center stage. He was the writer. I get it. I can relate to that. I could relate to him.

I'm really upset that this friggin virus has taken him from us.

He was only 52.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

I'm collecting these

Not an April Fools Joke

This is hard to believe...

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

He's starting to lose his friends

Hard to disagree with this...

Family Time

This is really good. If we could sing, I'd get my family together on a project like this...

Hope this takes a load off

Chris Cuomo

Hoping the President doesn't say something terrible about this. I'm not surprised it's beginning to hit the media. Hang in there Chris.

Sad news

Fountains of Wayne is one of my all-time favorite bands. Hang in there Adam!

My Corona

Six Feet Baby

Don't Spread it Around

Monday, March 30, 2020

Who was the real Doctor Robert?

Eckhartz Press author Brent Petersen did the research, and shared it here.

For the non-Beatles fans among us, he's talking about this song...

CoronaVirus myths

This a great resource to check out any rumors you might have heard about what does and doesn't work to prevent CoronaVirus.

Hat tip to Charlie Meyerson for putting in his excellent daily newsletter Public Square.

Morning in Wrigleyville

This picture makes me realize even more how much I'm missing baseball...

Sunday, March 29, 2020