Thursday, July 05, 2018

RIP Ed Schultz

This is a bummer. Way too young. From All Access...

ED SCHULTZ, the former syndicated talk radio host more recently a host on cable television's MSNBC and RT, has passed away of natural causes at 64, according to ABC affiliate WDAY-TV/FARGO.

SCHULTZ, who played football at MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY-MOORHEAD, moved from working as Sports Director at KTHI-TV/FARGO and WDAY-TV to radio, first as play-by-play voice of NORTH DAKOTA STATE football on WDAY-A and then UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA football on crosstown KFGO-A. He began talking about politics in 1992 on WDAY-A, then moved to KFGO-A in 1996 with "NEWS AND VIEWS," which became regionally syndicated. SCHULTZ also moved from conservative to liberal and became syndicated by JONES RADIO NETWORK (later DIAL GLOBAL). He added a daily MSNBC television show, "THE ED SHOW," in 2009, moving to weekends in 2013. After the show ended in 2015, SCHULTZ began a podcast and added a show on RT AMERICA, the U.S.-targeted cable network operated by the Russian government, in 2016.

Why Can't I Find A Radio Station?

A quick look at this chart shows this aging 50-something why he has a hard time finding a rock and roll song he loves on the radio...(chart by Inside Radio)

Restoring America's Honor

I chuckle when I hear Trumpers say they think America is finally respected now. Okey dokey. You live in a different world, but whatever you say. This is a good example of that...

Just Make Sure I'm Dead

This is a terrifying headline to me: Woman who 'Died' in a car acccident found alive in a morgue freezer

My instructions to my kids-Just double and triple check to make sure I'm dead before you cremate me or bury me. Either is long as you are REALLY sure I'm dead. I don't think that's asking too much.


He's the most exciting player in the National League. I can't figure out how he's not leading the all-star game voting. This is the most ridiculous steal of home ever...

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Record World Cup Ratings

This doesn't surprise me because the World Cup has been spectacular, but it's still good to see. Here's the headline from The Hollywood Reporter: World Cup Coverage Hits Fox Sports High

I've been loving it. (Other than the whole Germany loss...)

Another Change at the Score

I can tell you that they didn't see this one coming. I interviewed Mike Mulligan just last month for the Illinois Entertainer and he didn't even hint at any issues. This month his partner since 2005 has been cut loose.

The Score is re-assigning Brian Hanley.

Why are they doing this? I have no idea. The Score morning show is ranked #4 in the demo. That's a pretty solid sellable number. It doesn't appear to be for money reasons--Robert Feder's article speculates that someone is being brought in to take Hanley's place. It isn't because of friction between the hosts. As I mentioned, I interviewed Mulligan just a few weeks ago and he had nothing but praise and admiration for his partner. This is a bit of a head scratcher for me.

Yes, that's crossing the line

It's no secret that I'm an opponent of FCC Chairman Pai. I still can't believe he got rid of Net Neutrality, and it still makes me mad. But not this mad. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

A California man is arrested for threatening the family of FCC Chair Ajit Pai. Markara Man was “angry” about Pai leading the charge to roll back the agency’s 2015 Net Neutrality policy, and (says Politico), has since written an apology to Pai. He said “I’m sorry I made a threat against your kids. That was crossing the line.” Then he added “I hope you’ll change your mind [about the rollback]…but I doubt it.” Markara Man sent three emails to Pai on December 20, to both his FCC and personal accounts. He listed the names and addresses of three pre-school facilities around Arlington, VA and (chillingly) wrote “I will find your children and I will kill them.” He’s been charged with threatening to murder the immediate family of a federal official. Passions have risen high about Net Neutrality, including a demonstration at December FCC Open Meeting that interrupted the proceedings. There were also demonstrations outside the Commission offices in Southwest D.C.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Diana Steele

Radio is a ‘funny’ business, but sometimes you get the dream gig back in your hometown. Elk Grove and U of I grad Diana Steele spoke to me about her return to Chicago on @1043JAMS

Read the interview here.

Fox News Regular Resigns Over Obscene Immigration Coverage

If you were a regular contributor to Fox News and you heard the following, what would you do...

Ann Coulter claimed children seen crying in videos at detention centers were merely “child actors” who were given scripts. Hannity said they were part of a “rolling invasion.” Another Fox contributor said the children were better off alone in the centers’ cages than with their parents. Laura Ingraham downplayed the detention center cages as “summer camps” or “boarding schools.”

Bruce Turkel, a regular contributor, resigned. In a letter to the network he wrote...

“Accepting that this misguided policy is wrong doesn’t depend on which side of the political aisle you’re on. It doesn’t matter if you support immigration and immigrants or if you don’t,” Turkel wrote. “Separating innocent children from their parents and jailing them is just plain wrong.”

Yup. This will cost him bucks. He made lots of dough on personal appearances because of his contributions to Fox News. But at least he still has his soul.

On Eagles Wings

I could watch this all day...

Stuttering John

I don't know if you were following this odd story over the weekend, but it appears that Stuttering John Melendez (formerly of the Howard Stern show) punked the president. From Tom Taylor's NOW column...

Sun & Fun Media Former Howard Stern cast member punks the President – and is visited by the Secret Service. John Melendez may’ve been taking notes from “Captain Janks,” the legendary Stern fan in Pennsylvania who may’ve gotten on live with more than a thousand TV shows. “Stuttering John” Melendez spent years with Stern before joining Jay Leno’s version of NBC-TV’s “Tonight Show” as its announcer, and now he’s a comedian and (of course) podcaster. The NY Times says Melendez “dialed the White House switchboard impersonating a Senator’s aide, [and] he found himself – in between barely-suppressed giggles and off-color jokes with his producer – patched through to President Trump on Air Force One.” This was Melendez (watch the spelling) pretending to be Menendez – New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. The impersonation and bravado were good enough for a six-minute conversation about immigration and the Supreme Court vacancy. There may be consequences – the New York Post says “the comedian who pranked Trump claims the Secret Service visited him” Friday night.

From Dropout to Graduate

This is such a feel good story...

Everyone Loves Minutia Men

We're taking one more week off--preparing for our barn-burner 100th episode. In the meantime, a few more five star reviews from iTunes...

Great podcast!
in iTunes by PipinHotPodcast from USA on June 21, 2018
I can’t help but crack a smile when listening to these guys! AWESOME podcast!! Highly recommend.

Give em a minute
in iTunes by @msmollybk from USA on June 15, 2018
They're just like the morning disc jockeys that you used to listen to on the radio, but not annoying! They bounce blithely from topic to topic and get you through the commute.

I’m hooked!
in iTunes by UtahFilmNerd from USA on June 14, 2018
Just listened for the first time. And these guys are hilarious! Great sound quality and voices!

Such a hilarious show!
in iTunes by DerrickLewis from USA on June 14, 2018
This is a very fun podcast. Rick and Dave spend their time telling stories, cracking wise, and giving each other the business. They have fantastic banter and make every topic an absolute riot. Can't wait to hear more!

Fun podcast
in iTunes by 1Delvin123 from USA on June 4, 2018
This is a very fun podcast that’s guaranteed to make you smile and or laugh. It was a great listen.

Great conversational podcast
in iTunes by Isaac from The Drake from USA on May 28, 2018
The chemistry between the hosts is obvious right from the start, and the production quality is top notch. Great show to have on if you like light, funny, conversational shows! Recommended for Chicago and Cubs fans!